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Why HKCommons?


We at HK Commons are committed to supporting entrepreneurs to successfully launch or grow their ideas.  Since opening our doors two years ago, Hong Kong has been fortunate to see many new co-work, incubator, office and space options make themselves available to startups and SMEs.  We welcome the growing interest in serving the community which pushes all of us to be the best we can possibly be.  We believe that HK Commons is truly unique in its approach and value proposition with the long term mutual benefit of the community in mind.

But don’t just believe us! When choosing where to plant your startup or business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I be able to work on and build my business 24/7 here?

    • Is there 24/7 physical access?

    • Can I get 24/7 air conditioning if I need it?

    • Can I choose from a range of hot desks, dedicated desks, private suites, small offices and large offices?

    • Is Internet access solid and fast?

    • Is the space functional and comfortable?

    • Are basic amenities and services available?

  • Will I be near my customers, partners and investors?

    • Will I be within 2 minutes of a major MTR exit?

    • Am I going to be within 15 minutes by walk / MTR of Central / Admiralty?

    • Is there east street, tram, bus, taxi, MTR access?

  • Is there a positive community and atmosphere here?

    • Will I be working around other entrepreneurs who are serious about their businesses?

    • How connected and involved is this place?

    • Is this place for makers or takers?

  • Am I being nickel and dimed?

    • Is the place obviously geared primarily to make money on rents and fees?

    • Do I have to sign up for long term memberships or leases?

    • Are there extra fees for everything (conference room use, internet, late night use, etc..)?

    • Are basic memberships super restricted loss leaders?

    • Are they watching everything I do?

  • Deal with the Devil?

    • Do I have to give up an arm or a leg or first born to be part of the “community”?

    • Am I being asked for equity for lots of dubious “in-kind” “investment”?

    • Am I being asked to pay for “classes,” “lessons,” “consulting,” etc?

    • Can I leave at any time?

Hong Kong Commons strives to be as hassle free and productive a partner as possible.  We are venture funded and our own portfolio companies in Hong Kong operate out of Hong Kong Commons so our interests are very aligned.