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Why Aren’t You a Multinational?


Are you a startup, entrepreneur or SME in Europe, United States, China or Latin America with customers and interests around the world?  If so, why do you want your international business to be limited and constrained by suffocating and burdensome local laws, regulations and taxation?


Are you interested in growing your business in the fastest growing region in the world? Struggling with how you can affordably accomplish that from home?


worldHong Kong Commons can help you think and operate like a large multinational giving your business significant strategic and operational advantages.


Hong Kong Commons’ Virtual Venture Partner Program can help you expand your international business out of Hong Kong, the most attractive and efficient and business friendly place in the world!


From incorporation, establishing a real local presence, providing you with global banking, finance, accounting and business development, Hong Kong Commons can help your company become a multinational business quickly and cost effectively.


Hong Kong Commons will develop a bespoke strategy and program for you tailored to your business and your local jurisdiction’s laws and regulations.


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