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Cycle-friendly, biodegradable paper backpack for groceries

Add / Remove One million plastic bags are used every minute, contributing massively to pollution through both their production and disposal. Many countries have introduced incentives to encourage the use of reusable bags, but despite their best intentions, the average shopper is prone to forget them at least some of the time. Offering a solution is the PaperJohn, a biodegradable … Read More »

Circuit building subscription kit for adults

Add / Remove For even the most seasoned programmers, hardware can still remain something of a mystery. We have seen many organizations, such as a wildlife camera building kit offer accessible ways for children to learn new skills. Looking to do the same of adults, Tron-Club offers a monthly subscription service for circuit building kits, which get more challenging each … Read More »

Automated, online discount rack helps supermarkets cut food waste

Add / Remove About half of all of the world’s food goes to waste, but we have seen plenty of companies doing their part to help curb this global issue. In France, a law has even been passed which prevents supermarkets from throwing food away. We recently wrote about a nutritious powder that is made entirely from expiring fruit. Now, … Read More »

A rock and roll smartphone for musicians from Marshall

Add / Remove As anyone who has ever shared a bus with a teenager knows, the noise that comes out of the average smartphone’s inbuilt speakers is a tinny, compressed travesty — robbing the latest Rihanna song of its much-needed frequencies. Now, the Marshall London is a smartphone for music lovers with a pair of front-facing speakers that provide a … Read More »

This app will call for real time help in emergencies

Add / Remove According to the World Health Organization, more people die from a lack of timely care than from Aids, TB and malaria combined. Millions of people worldwide don’t have access to reliable emergency, and the ones that do are often faced with large expenses and delays. A new startup called MUrgency wants to change that. The team’s cloud … Read More »

Insurance startup helps clients donate to charity for free

Add / Remove Insurances are often large expenses that — thankfully — don’t always get used. To help customers make the most of this expense, a brokerage startup Givesurance is now enabling them to donate money to charity via their existing insurance payments, without increasing their outgoings. Most insurance companies spend a significant amount of their commission on advertising, attempting … Read More »

Platform helps apps maximize the utility of smartphone sensor data

Add / Remove Smartphones come with a variety of inbuilt sensors which can capture realtime data about the user’s activities, and sensor data is quickly becoming a discipline on its own. Addressing this is a startup Sense360, which aims to make it easier for mobile apps to use this data and allow for automated user experiences. Sense360 collects all the … Read More »

Luxury airport terminal for precious animals

Add / Remove Flying can be a traumatic experience for humans, so it’s not hard to imagine how disconcerting it can be for pets — they suddenly find themselves in an airport with a stint in quarantine, along with an eight hour flight ahead of them. Luckily for those passing through New York, JFK is set to build a new … Read More »

Top 10 business ideas from Food & Beverage over the last 12 months

Add / Remove 1 In Australia, customers can pay for their coffee with their smart cup Though existing eco-friendly coffee cups have undeniable environmental benefits, low levels of adoption to date have meant there is a limit to the impact they are currently having. Knowing that to encourage sales, a green product must outperform is non-green rival in every way, … Read More »

This app will find the nearest recycling point for almost everything

Add / Remove The recycling rate in NYC is 15 percent. Compared to 63 percent in Austria, which has the highest recycling rate according to the European Environment Agency, the figure seems to be attributed to factors beyond lifestyle, and extending to urban design. A new app called Intellibins, which helps users find the nearest recycling station, could now go … Read More »