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Social network lets users trade their online time for charitable gifts

Add / Remove The cultural currency of ‘likes’ is not what it used to be. Instead, in line with many peoples’ growing desire to have a positive impact on the world around them, we are seeing new social platforms aiming to transform online downtime into something quintessentially positive. Previously, we wrote about PersonalHeroes — an app that tracks people’s behavior … Read More »

Sonar device keeps cars at a safe distance from cyclists

Add / Remove The three-foot rule, which is in place in 26 states across the US, requires cars to keep a safe distance between themselves and cyclists. If they fail to do so they can be issued with a ticket, which can lead to points on their license or monetary fines. But although there are a substantial number of cases … Read More »

Analysis tool helps companies improve their website content

Add / Remove Many businesses now subscribe to the belief that ‘content is king’, using online blogs and website posts as a marketing tool to attract and maintain their customer-base. But this involves a lot of guesswork or trial and error, as content marketers attempt to create the content that captures their audience’s attention. Offering to make this a more … Read More »

Wearables alert those with incontinence before they need to go to the toilet

Add / Remove Those who suffer from urinary incontinence are often unable to physically determine when they need to use the toilet and have to rely on disposable pads and liners. But a new wearable belt called Brightly, which uses biosensors to monitor the expansion of the bladder, could provide a more dignified solution. The belt is worn around the … Read More »

Reducing poverty through recycling

Add / Remove Developing regions rarely have access to waste management, meaning high levels of plastic pollution and terrible recycling rates. These same areas often have chronic unemployment, but some inhabitants earn a meagre living as urban waste pickers. The pickers play a critical role in cleaning up the cities by collecting and selling plastic waste, but they receive very … Read More »

Fitness wear uses inbuilt resistance to improve workouts

Add / Remove Even the most dedicated fitness fanatic has days when they can’t workout for as long as they’d like. Now, Physiclo — previously known as Rxactive — is a line of fitness wear with built-in resistance that can help wearers achieve significantly more from the same exercise regime — including increased muscle activation and more calories burnt. Physiclo … Read More »

App lets travelers order fresh food to take on the plane

Add / Remove There are certainly some travelers that like airline meals, some even love it enough to have it delivered to their homes, but for everyone else AirGrub is a new app that helps passengers swap their tray of questionable meat and potatoes for an array of fresh food options. The app enables customers to order carry-on meals from … Read More »

App celebrates buskers and lets fans tip them via Paypal

Add / Remove Everyone has encountered a busker that put a smile on their face at one time or another, whether its the guy playing Hey Jude at 11.30pm on a Friday night or show-stopping drummers entertaining shoppers on a Saturday morning. British cities have a rich culture of street entertainers and now Buskeroo is an app that helps passersby … Read More »

Award winning tableware set for Alzheimer’s sufferers

Add / Remove Those with cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s, often find eating a difficult and frustrating experience — with regular accidents and spillages. As a result they can end up eating significantly less than they should. Hoping to improve mealtimes for patients and caregivers alike is the Eatwell tableware set, created by Stanford design student Sha Yao, which has … Read More »

Latvian blogging platform recreates real-time typing effect

Add / Remove There is something mesmerizing about catching a glimpse of a writer’s process: seeing their notes and corrections or their unfinished sentences. Hoping to capture that intrigue, Writer.is is a platform that host daily journals, complete with a text typing effect, that recreates the writer’s composition one letter at a time. Anyone can use Writer.is, either as a … Read More »