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Mentoring scheme widens access to creative careers

Add / Remove In the UK, students from poorer backgrounds have significantly less access to creative careers. A combination of unpaid internship culture, lack of role models and cuts to career services in schools have contributed to an incredibly uneven playing field. Helping to address this, Pitch It is a social enterprise that helps industry professionals looking to improve their … Read More »

Roving Craigslist for truck drivers

Add / Remove One of the downfalls of the sharing economy is that people are limited to trading goods with those who live nearby, since most are unable to travel long distances to pick up non-postable items. We have already seen a P2P shipping network address this problem, but Roadswap improves it further by targeting a community who are perfectly … Read More »

Inbuilt monitor lets parents keep an eye on teen drivers

Add / Remove Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death amongst 16-20 year olds in the US, and we have already seen devices such as CarVi, which enable parents to keep an eye on new drivers. Now, Chevrolet has announced that their upcoming 2016 Malibu model will include inbuilt monitoring capacities, providing parents with regular ‘report cards’ on the … Read More »

E-piggy bank gives kids tangible rewards with virtual currency

Add / Remove With the rise of digital currency, teaching kids the value of money arguably becomes harder due to the lack of tangible objects. Back in 2009, we wrote about an interactive piggy bank, designed to help educate children. Now, New Zealand’s ASB Bank has created an upgrade called Clever Kash. The elephant-shaped coin depository lets parents “swipe” virtual … Read More »

Members card helps tap millennials market

Add / Remove If there was a card that gained access to private jet parties, exclusive restaurants and allowed you to spend the day test driving luxury cars, would you sign up for it? Millennials members club Magnises caters to luxury fanatics with an exclusive ‘black card’ and a mobile concierge app at 250 USD per year. Unlocking exclusive perks … Read More »

Platform analyzes users’ tweets to recommend podcasts

Add / Remove There are a lot of podcasts out there, but how do listeners discover new ones that are right for them? Hear Your @Handle, from Denmark-based Hyvi, now lets users find appealing podcasts based on their twitter profile. Users enter their twitter handle and can receive 10 podcast recommendations within seconds. Analyzing users’ 50 most recent tweets, Hyvi’s … Read More »

Holiday subscription service plans surprise trips

Add / Remove We recently saw an app making spontaneous trips easy, now subscription-based web package Trveler is helping US holiday-seekers plan seamless getaways, too. Users pay a monthly fee which covers the cost of a trip every 90 days. That works out to four trips per year. The subscription includes travel to a surprise destination and a two-night hotel … Read More »

Communication app for teens is inaudible to adults

Add / Remove Teenagers have always found ways to communicate exclusively amongst themselves, creating secret languages and codes, much to the frustration of the adults in their lives. Now, the BeepApp makes it even easier for kids to communicate on the sly via their mobile phones, by producing an alert sound that is only audible to young people. To begin, … Read More »

Device sanitizes shopping cart handles in between uses

Add / Remove Shopping carts are home to over a million germs and while most of them are harmless, some, such as E. coli and salmonella can cause severe gastrointestinal illnesses. Now, antibacterial soap company Lifebuoy has developed a simple device that attaches to supermarket shopping carts, and enables users to sanitize the handle before using. The Lifebuoy Handle on … Read More »

Blogcasting makes interesting conversations easy to publish

Add / Remove Bloggers can generate more site traffic by featuring guest interviews and expert opinions, but organizing such opportunities can be difficult. ReplyAll uses a combination of email and podcast-style conversations to create ‘blogcasting’. ReplyAll is based on the principle that when interesting people have conversations, they create content that people will want to read. However, co-ordinating such panel-style … Read More »