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Toddler wearable to boost vocabulary

Add / Remove We’ve been reporting on an increasing number of early education technology for children, such as robots that kids teach tasks to, in order to improve their learning ability and self-esteem. Now Versame has developed a wearable to enhance child learning before they even start pre-school. Starling is a wearable device that parents can clip onto their child’s … Read More »

Top Ten Innovation Report for November

Add / Remove In the Top Ten Innovation Report, we present a digestible run down of the best innovations from the last four weeks. Published monthly these reports are a quick and pain free way to stay up to date on the latest innovations, and are included as a part of a Springwise Access account. *Note that to read many … Read More »

Invisible 3D barcodes prevent counterfeiting

Add / Remove Counterfeiting is believed to cost companies trillions in annual profit and is a source of public health concern. We’ve covered an edible barcode to combat counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry, and now researchers at the University of Bradford have developed an undetectable 3D barcode designed to mould into a variety of products. Developed with Sofmat and SME … Read More »

Airline swaps inbuilt screens for cloud-based entertainment packages

Add / Remove Vast numbers of airline passengers now look to their own tablets, smartphones and laptops for inflight entertainment, rendering seat-back screens somewhat redundant, wasteful of space and resources. We have already seen the TabCaddyClip — a low-cost tablet holder — and as we suggested in that article, the next logical step is swapping inbuilt screens for cloud-based entertainment … Read More »

Service helps app developers create better newsfeeds

Add / Remove Coming up with a new app can be the easy part — getting down to the design and manufacturing stage is often when teams fall short. That’s why we’re starting to see startups offering niche app-building services, such as inserting Siri-like functions onto apps, and maximizing smartphone sensor data. Stream wants to help app developers improve user … Read More »

European citizens crowdsource pollution data with their smartphones

Add / Remove Citizens in eleven cities in Europe were recently recruited to help crowdsource pollution measurements, as part of the large-scale research project iSPEX-EU. Participants used their smartphones, an app and a lens called a spectropolarimeter, to collect data about air quality across the continent, which will be used by iSPEX to make comprehensive maps. The project ran for … Read More »

Tool personalizes automated outreach emails

Add / Remove Cold emails — outreach messages sent by companies to prospective clients — inevitably end up reading like they were composed by a machine rather than a person, which makes them much more alienating to the reader. Now, Woodpecker is a tool designed to help companies streamline their cold emailing, while also retaining a personal touch. To begin, … Read More »

Crowdsourced novel lets readers favorite lines in real-time

Add / Remove We previously wrote about a novel written online in real-time using Google Docs, where fans can offer feedback for the writer. Through Useless Press, author Joshua Cohen has been involved in a similar project that enabled readers the ability to favorite certain lines, and offer suggestions for his new novel PCKWCK. Cohen logged on to write his … Read More »

App for fairer recruitment uses anonymized salary data

Add / Remove We’re seeing more and more examples of transparency platforms become available, especially around taboo subjects such as salaries. WageSpot is helping recruiters realize the potential of disruptive user-generated salary data. WageSpot is a free app where users upload information about their salaries, experience and job satisfaction. This information is tagged onto a geomap, which arranges by user … Read More »

New York hotel offers emoji room service

Add / Remove The list of companies using Emojis as a fun, shorthand alternative to traditional customer service continues to grow. As The Guardian has reported everyone from Dominos Pizza to Innocent smoothies are getting in on the act. We have already seen the WWF using the playful symbols to help save endangered animals, and now the Aloft Hotel in … Read More »