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Software turns spreadsheets into written reports

Add / Remove Just this week we wrote about a tool that can personalize automated outreach emails, and now we’ve come across a new offering from Automated Insights that will analyze data and write personalized reports. The service, called Wordsmith, is currently in private beta and already being used by giants like Yahoo!, Comcast, Samsung and others. To begin, users … Read More »

Smart dashboard camera can reduce collisions by 40 percent

Add / Remove We have covered a number of smart in-car devices recently that use dashboard cameras and monitoring to help drivers avoid collision on the road. There is the computer-assisted driving system and an inbuilt monitoring software for teen drivers. Mobileye 5-series is another smart camera system that can be used in any car and help drivers learn from … Read More »

Floating structures naturally cool urban spaces

Add / Remove Buildings in warmer urban centers require costly and energy-consuming air conditioning to keep them cool — we recently saw an office tower designed to use natural air currents to regulate temperatures sustainably. Taking also from biomimicry, Spanish architect Nina Gonzalez Vives wants to use the evaporation hot buildings produce to keep them cool without relying on air … Read More »

Homeless artists can sell work through online startup

Add / Remove For homeless people creating art can be a life-saving outlet, but other than the street corner or underfunded community programs, opportunities to sell their works are rare. One solution we’ve seen is an app that let users tip their favorite buskers via PayPal. ArtLifting is selling homeless artists’ works in a traditional online gallery, which can benefit … Read More »

DIY floral arrangements join maker movement

Add / Remove The maker movement is helping passionate amateurs get creative at home, whether it’s growing a vegetable patch or DIY cheese. US-based FlowersByNumber is helping makers at home design floral arrangements without the need for a professional florist. Using a paint-by-numbers style template, users are provided with all the basics they need to get started, including a reusable … Read More »

A civic engagement app for Myanmar’s young people

Add / Remove We have seen a number of organizations using digital technology to engage citizens with local or national politics. CitizenLab, for example, is a Belgium civic engagement platform that brings the town meeting online. Now, New Niti is an app for Android smartphones, which aims to teach Myanmar’s young people about civil responsibilities and encourage critical thinking. The … Read More »

Wild tigers conservation via image royalties

Add / Remove Animal conservation charities are always coming up with creative ways to raise awareness for their cause, with one recently using emojis of endangered animals to encourage tweeters to donate. By focusing on tiger iconography, Tiger Royalty is hoping that brands can help raise extra funding for the endangered big cat. Fashion and other consumer products have often … Read More »

Deliveries by autonomous terrestrial robots

Add / Remove There’s been much speculation surrounding potential drone delivery services, but with regulation debates slowing its progress, Starship Technologies are to begin testing an alternative autonomous delivery system using pedestrian robots. The dog-sized robots are designed to carry small parcels or grocery orders over short distances (currently touted as a 3-mile radius with a 30-minute delivery time). Using … Read More »

Underwear could help African girls stay in school during their period

Add / Remove Menstruation is enough of an inconvenience for women in the developed world, where there is easy access to sanitary products. But in sub-Saharan Africa, pads and tampons are often unaffordable or unavailable, which leads to one in ten girls missing school during their period, and contributes to the widening gender gap in education. Now, BeGirl are reusable … Read More »

Where Are They Now?: Fitbay

Add / Remove When we first wrote about Fitbay in March 2014, the company was in private Beta and offering a fashion discovery database for like-minded and like-bodied consumers. Trying to combat the frustration customers often encounter when ordering clothes online — and the resulting high returns rate for commerce outlets – the platform lets users browse clothes based on … Read More »