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Glasses transcribes text for the hearing-impaired

Add / Remove Smart wearables have a wealth of potential, and we’ve been seeing more assistive technology being developed, such as an interface that enables paraplegics to use smartphone screens. Wanting to similarly enable those with hearing difficulties, Frants Innovators have designed their own assistive wearable. Based on smart glasses technology, the LTCCS (Live-Time Close Captioning System) clips on to … Read More »

World’s first industrial-scale carbon capture

Add / Remove We recently wrote about a Belgian company converting climate change related byproducts into ethanol that is sold on as fuel. Switzerland-based Climeworks is going a step further by capturing CO2 from the air for commercial uses. Climeworks have developed a filter that binds CO2 by direct air capture (DAC). The CO2 remains bound to the filter until … Read More »

New smartphone battery lasts 10h with 5 minutes charging

Add / Remove With the growing ubiquity of smart tech, the fear of a dying battery will soon be a thing of the past. Prieto’s redesign of the traditional rechargeable lithium ion batteries used in smartphones and laptops is promising revolutionary battery power. Traditional lithium batteries are one-directional, with current flowing from the negative cathode to the positive anode, requiring … Read More »

Fluorescent dressing glows to detect infections

Add / Remove There’s a huge demand for engineering materials that detect dangerous substances invisible to the naked eye, such as these gloves that change color in the presence of hazardous substances. Similarly, researchers at the University of Bath have been developing a material to detect potentially deadly bacteria on open wounds. Using a hydrogel containing fluorescent dye, the prototype … Read More »

Crowdfunding local charities through online sales

Add / Remove Many charities are finding ways to enable people to donate while spending time online, with twitter becoming a growing force for giving. With so many charities to choose from, finding time to donate can become a deterrent, so Giftluence are allowing users to crowdfund local projects while they shop online. Giftluence’s platform brings local charitable efforts together … Read More »

Keyboard app sends encrypted, hidden messages

Add / Remove Privacy is an increasing need for consumers wary of today’s pervasive interconnectedness. From jacket pockets that block all wireless signal to apps that notify users when a satellite is taking their picture, we have seen ingenious ways startups are catering to this need. US-based Kibo have developed a keyboard extension to help keep messages hidden. Kibo can … Read More »

Car safety device for kids is 10x smaller than a booster seat

Add / Remove Traditionally, car safety seats for children work by lifting the child up to the height of the adult, so that the seatbelt can hold them securely in place. Unfortunately, this means that car seats are cumbersome and parents generally keep them in one vehicle. But now, a new portable gadget called Mifold inverts the process and holds … Read More »

Japanese drink vending machine also takes selfies

Add / Remove Long before there were smartphones and selfies, the photobooth reigned supreme as the best device with which to take a photo of yourself and your friends pulling funny faces. Now, Japanese beer company Kirin is blurring the line between the two with its Vendorphoto, created in collaboration with Intel and the mobile messaging app Line. Vendorphoto machines … Read More »

An unmanned restaurant where guests cook for themselves

Add / Remove Pushing the idea of the ‘restaurant’ to its absolute limit, Foodsy is a new DIY Amsterdam eatery that does away with staff altogether. Instead, patrons cook, serve and even pay themselves using the food, equipment and instructions provided. Foodsy was created by chef Edwin Sander, and will open in a temporary location this week. Guests will be … Read More »

3D printing filament made from beer waste

Add / Remove “If good people drink beer, certainly they must build with it too,” so goes the rallying cry of 3D printing material manufacturer 3Dom. After developing an eco-friendly 3D printing filament from used coffee grinds, they are now turning their efforts towards beer waste, too. The c2Composite filaments, used to build 3D printed objects, are manufactured from waste … Read More »