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Speed reading platform uses visual cues

Add / Remove For those who remember, Spritz was named one of our top 10 business opportunities of 2015. Its ‘text-streaming’ technology enabled users to double and triple their normal reading speed. Now aiming to have a similar effect, Read Good is helping boost users’ reading ability by attaching visual cues to each word. Based on Rapid Serial Visual Representation, … Read More »

Furniture stores bikes as conversation pieces

Add / Remove Bike storage problems can be solved by designing evermore foldable bikes, but Chilean designer Manuel Rossel believes that the beloved two-wheel companions should be celebrated with dedicated space. Chol1, designed by Rossel, an avid cyclist, is a line of unique furniture that doubles as bike storage space. Instead of leaving bikes in hallways or outdoors, users can … Read More »

Autonomous network of marine robots

Add / Remove Autonomous robots are being increasingly used in contexts humans would find dangerous or work-intensive — we’ve already seen underwater robots monitoring local water pollution. Autonomous Marine Systems wants to scale the technology up to a global oceanic scale for a new era of marine research. AMS have developed small, autonomous marine vessels called Datamarans, capable of self-righting … Read More »

Software keeps companies informed of local governance policy

Add / Remove Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms are being increasingly used by large corporate businesses as a way to keep employees informed without paying large consultancy fees — the parental leave platform we recently covered shows this increasing need. Standards and Legal have created a platform that keeps companies aware of local legislature as their business expands into other political domains. … Read More »

Gaming database supports indie developers

Add / Remove It can be daunting entering into the world of video games — we recently covered a platform to help parents better understand and search for the games their children are interested in. Now, targeting gamers directly, Gametionary is building a gaming recommendation database. Users sign up to Gametionary and enter which games they already own and rate … Read More »

Volvo tests kangaroo detection system

Add / Remove While more camera-based solutions are being developed to help drivers avoid other road users, in Australia, where many road accidents are caused by hopping kangaroos, Volvo are developing technology specifically designed to avoid the unpredictable marsupials. Volvo currently have a team shooting footage of ‘roo roadside behaviour in Australia. Having developed moose-avoidance technology in their native Sweden, … Read More »

Dress changes color to convey the wearer’s emotions

Add / Remove A person’s posture and body language subconsciously conveys their emotions to those around them, and their choice of clothing can project a lot about their state of mind. Now, an interactive dress called Kimbow combines and amplifies those effects through a color changing textile. The dress, designed by fashion technology designers Eef Lubbers and Malou Beemer, reacts … Read More »

Wearable provides haptic feedback for the partially sighted

Add / Remove For those living with blindness or partial sight, there are a number of high-tech ultrasound walking canes on the market, which can alert users of any obstacles at chest or head height, as well as on the ground. But these devices are expensive — the Ultracane for example costs GBP 635. Now, the Buzzclip is an affordable … Read More »

Police support via Skype

Add / Remove Police forces are often overstretched and have to balance neighborhood patrols with emergency situations and ongoing investigations. Now, officers of Peterborough in the UK are trialling a Skype service that enables members of the public to speak to the police remotely through video chat, rather than arranging a home visit, which can be very time consuming. The … Read More »

Wise Words with Seb Potter

Add / Remove Back in March, we wrote about Hackaball, a throwable computer that gets kids coding while they play. The ball is fitted with motion-detecting sensors that track whether it’s moving, being dropped, bounced, kicked, or shaken. It also houses a gyro, accelerometer, vibration motor, LEDs, memory to store sounds and a speaker. Wirelessly connected to an app – … Read More »