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Luxury loft apartment comes with on-demand private jet service

Add / Remove We’ve seen a number of innovations in the world of private air travel, with some making the luxury jets more accessible. Residents of 111 Murray Street — a luxury apartment building in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood — are to be given a ‘SkyCard’, which enables them to book free, on-demand private jet or helicopter services, so they … Read More »

VR seat combats motion sickness

Add / Remove The era of virtual reality is well and truly upon us — we most recently saw hotel users order VR experiences via room service. But as the industry grows, businesses like VRGO are looking to generate evermore immersive physical play, as well as combat the motion sickness often experienced in-game (which we have already seen a pill … Read More »

Bicycle thieves are not welcome at this online marketplace

Add / Remove As the number of people cycling worldwide continues to grow, unfortunately so does the number of bicycle thefts, which now exceeds 1.5 million every year. There is a thriving second-hand bike market, but customers using marketplaces such as Craiglist have no way of knowing if the bicycle they are purchasing is stolen. Now, Perfecto is offering a … Read More »

Card game that challenges prejudices

Add / Remove We’ve seen plenty of educational games design to teach new skills — such as coding — but can games also be used to teach mindsets? Research suggests that a new card game by Tiltfactor could have found a way to reduce prejudice through gaming. Called ‘Buffalo’, the game works through word association. Players turn over card pairs … Read More »

Convert any old computer into a Google Chromebook

Add / Remove We’ve already seen “dumb” cell phones being retrofitted with “smart” features for a much lower cost than purchasing new handsets. Now, Neverware, in partnership with Google, are helping schools transform their old computer hardware into modern machines in “under 20 minutes”. CloudReady is a browser-based operating system powered by Google Drive technology, which users can install on … Read More »

Intelligent Assistant app puts users in charge of personal data

Add / Remove In order to function in a truly personalised manner, Intelligent Assistant apps inevitably need to acquire a huge amount of user data. While many consumers are happy to accept this, they’re perhaps a little more uneasy when their Intelligent Assistant app then shares that information with retailers — albeit to source a deal for their user. Looking … Read More »

Depth-sensing projections let users design wearables on skin

Add / Remove The maker movement has already made some significant forays into wearables. We’ve already seen a chip specifically designed to encourage experimentation with wearable technology, and now we’re seeing designer Madeline Gannon introduce an innovative way for users to design 3D printed wearables. Tactum, from Gannon’s MADLAB.CC studio, in collaboration with Autodesk Research, uses depth sensing projections that … Read More »

Disposable bed linen for college students

Add / Remove To the horror of their parents, many college students rarely take the time to wash their bedsheets, resulting in dirty, unhygienic sleeping arrangements. Now, Beantown Bedding are offering a solution in the form of their Laundry-Free Linens. The bedsheets, which are made from Tencel, are disposable, so they can be used for a couple of weeks and … Read More »

Relaxing LED natural scene windows

Add / Remove As we saw in our recent Innovation Culture Bulletin, natural light has substantial health and productivity benefits, and many devices are helping those in urban housing recreate sunlight. Following on from a sun-mimicking window, France-based Simar Design are utilizing natural scenes to help people relax indoors. Simar creates LED panels that produce highly realistic landscape images, and … Read More »

Medicinal marijuana without the high

Add / Remove As legislations soften, cannabis is becoming more marketable across the US. Following from our recent coverage of an organic marijuana subscription package, Nancy is offering subscription services with a range of cannabis-derived products aimed at those who use it for medicinal purposes. Nancy’s products, made from hemp, contains CBD (cannabidiol), which is associated with relief from chronic … Read More »