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Smart e-paper meeting room sign syncs with office calendars

Add / Remove Many digital signs use LCD display, which can be energy intensive. Visionect aims to change this with a greener digital meeting room sign that uses 99 percent less energy than conventional displays. The developer’s signage technology — the Joan Meeting Room Assistant — uses electronic paper, much like e-books, which reflects light like paper rather than being backlit. … Read More »

Biometrics tool measures audience response to The Revenant

Add / Remove Whether positive or negative, cinema inevitably elicits emotional responses from its audience. Movie-makers have always played to these emotional reactions but have never had a reliable tool for measuring how successful they have been, since the feelings of the viewer tend to evaporate as soon as the lights come up. Now, Lightwave is a bioanalytics technology company … Read More »

In London, pay for specialty coffee with app

Add / Remove Caffeine is a necessity for many, and DripApp wants to make it easier for addicts to save money while discovering new independent coffee shops in London. The app enables users to purchase prepaid coffee plans or subscriptions at partnering cafes, so that they need not take their wallet when grabbing a quick espresso. When ordering, users select … Read More »

High school students run peer-to-peer coding workshops

Add / Remove As with languages, young people are often able to pick up coding more easily than grown ups so it is no wonder we have seen a huge number of initiatives that teach kids as young as five about coding and programming. There are coding delivery boxes, coding story books and even programmable bracelets. Now, Math and Coding … Read More »

Chat app helps diabetes sufferers change their lifestyle

Add / Remove With an estimated nine percent of adults suffering from the illness, diabetes has become one of the great health crisis of the 21st century. Most diabetes sufferers have to live with Type 2 diabetes, which causes their blood sugar level to become too high. Although widely considered a lifelong condition, researchers at Suggestic believe it can be treated and … Read More »

Robotic arm for the consumer market

Add / Remove Robotics is gradually moving into the area of homes, and we have seen bots that are able to renovate houses and reconfigure rooms. Now, Carbon Robotics are bringing the functionality of robotic arms to the consumer market. The Katia (Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm) features a modular head capable of performing a variety of tasks, and the … Read More »

Microscope turns smartphones into parasite diagnostics kits

Add / Remove Citizen scientist projects are enabling researchers to work with crowdsourced Big Data, such as this kit that lets even children look for new antibiotics. Now, UC Berkley scientists have developed a method of parasitic infection diagnostics using the smartphone’s camera. CellScope is a 3D printed device that turns smartphone cameras into powerful microscopes. A blood sample is … Read More »

In Nevada, a dedicated commercial droneport

Add / Remove As drones become more popular there is an increased need for services for pilots. We have already seen Kittyhawk — a management app for commercial fleets of UAVs — and now Aerodrome is planning to launch the world’s first commercial drone airport in Boulder, Nevada. Aerodrome offers UAS piloting and maintenance courses in the US. Earlier this … Read More »

Text service for tax returns

Add / Remove We’ve seen how texting is being used to make services more accessible to millennials, such as reminding young adults about important deadlines and requesting a handyman. Tada is a text-based service that wants to make the process of doing tax returns easier. Users text an expert with details of their tax year, answering questions about their earnings … Read More »

Cardboard standing desk is only USD 25

Add / Remove The popularity of standing desks continues to rise, but most models on offer are either expensive or take up a lot of space. Looking to solve both those problems is Oristand — a lightweight, flexible alternative made from recycled cardboard that costs only USD 25. The Oristand is made to support most laptop and wireless keyboard combinations … Read More »