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Geotagged social media analysis for local user engagement

Add / Remove We’ve seen how businesses are using platforms to gather user-generated content across social media platforms, and now Australia-based Local Measure are using the same data to enable local user engagement. Local measure works by filtering and aggregating geo-tagged social media content, so businesses can use it to gain fast and accurate customer data. With the dashboard, businesses … Read More »

3D printed display makes maps for the blind

Add / Remove One major difficulty for visually impaired is accessing maps and complicated graphics. But a new development is making it easier for blind people to comprehend visualizations through 3D printed display. Linespace is a tactile display system which creates raised lines that blind and partially sighted people can read. Developed by designers at the Hasso-Plattner Institute in Germany, … Read More »

Affordable robot helps around the house

Add / Remove Though it may feel like artificially intelligent robots are still a long way away from helping with daily tasks around the house, one Israeli company has developed a Robit, a small, affordable home robot that will do exactly that. As the company’s tagline says, is “the robot that gets it done”. Robit operates with an app-like Android … Read More »

Life jacket shirt auto-inflates when users hit the water

Add / Remove More than 370,000 people die each year from drowning, according to the World Health Organisation. Over 84 percent of boating fatalities in the US occur when floatation devices are not being worn. But many people, particularly children, refuse to wear life jackets or personal floatation devices, because they are bulky, uncomfortable or unfashionable. But one company is looking … Read More »

Drones better than human rescuers at following mountain pathways

Add / Remove Every year in Switzerland, emergency centers respond to around 1,000 call outs for lost and injured hikers. It can often take hours and significant manpower to locate lost mountaineers, but new software for quadcopter drones is making the hunt quicker and easier, and has the potential to help find human survivors in disaster zones around the world. … Read More »

News app provides three sides to every story

Add / Remove Journalism is, even in its finest form, often very partisan, with different newspapers and websites presenting their own takes on any one news story. So developers at British publishing firm Trinity Mirror are trying to find a new way of bringing readers a balanced diet of news and opinion. Trinity Mirror’s digital product team has developed Perspecs, … Read More »

Mushroom burial suit for sustainable deaths

Add / Remove As the desire to live a sustainable life continues to grow, so has the popularity of the green burial. We have already seen a project offer to turn bodies of the deceased into compost, so they can give something back to the earth. Now, Coeio offers a similar service via the The Infinity Burial Suit, which is … Read More »

Bomb-detecting material lights up near explosives

Add / Remove Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have developed a material, which can detect nearby explosives and light up with a fluorescent glow, warning people of their presence. The material is a supramolecular polymers containing TNDCF. Sniffer dogs are currently used in bomb-detection because of their ability to smell very small amounts of explosive substances. However, this … Read More »

Freshmen only get course credit if they walk 10,000 steps a day

Add / Remove We have seen a number of companies using fitness trackers and rewards to encourage their employees to live a healthy lifestyle and minimize health insurance premiums. Now, Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma is adopting the tactic with its students. The Tulsa-based school is integrating wearable tech into its physical fitness curriculum for all prospective students. Students enrolled … Read More »

Hand gestures edit programming of virtual reality game

Add / Remove Programming can seem like magic to non-coders, especially when it comes to virtual reality. We have already seen a platform enable anyone to create 3D images by typing out text, and now Loop is an Occulus Rift app that lets users explore and alter a virtual world through physical hand actions. Loop is an interactive virtual world, … Read More »