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Saltwater antenna can pick up radio signals at sea

Add / Remove Radio aerials are normally made of metal and conductive materials, but Mitsubishi has developed a new technology which uses seawater to transmit radio signals. SeaAerial is a portable radio antenna for use near coasts and at sea. SeaAerial floats in the water, and has a pump that shoots a tower of water into the air, which can … Read More »

Top 10 new Fashion and Beauty Startups

Add / Remove 1 3D printed garment changes shape when looked at Responsive garments are leading the way for the future of fashion wearables. Caress of the Gaze is a 3D printed shawl comprised of hundreds of quill-like pieces and an embedded camera, which will respond to the gaze of others. Another interactive dress from Kimbow reacts to the movements … Read More »

Virtual reality platform for nervous public speakers

Add / Remove Public speaking can be very nerve-racking, especially for those who have had little practice at it. Now, VirtualSpeech is a VR platform, which will help inexperienced speakers to gain confidence, by enabling them to practice in front of a virtual crowd using Google Cardboard. To begin, users download the app and upload their slides and notes for … Read More »

Startup does all the work for crowdfunders

Add / Remove For successful crowdfunders, the work really starts when the campaign finishes. On top of launching their product or service, they also have a lot of orders to fulfill all in one go, and an audience to capitalize on speedily. Now, Backerkit is a startup that offers to do all that on their behalf, enabling their clients to … Read More »

Automated finance assistant gets the best exchange rates

Add / Remove Exchange rates fluctuate so irregularly that often a matter of minutes can make a huge monetary difference to those sending money abroad. Now, Neomy is a free automated personal assistant, which checks globals exchange rates constantly on the user’s behalf and informs them of the best time for transfers. To begin, users create a profile and specify … Read More »

Device controls smart homes and learns from user behavior

Add / Remove As more and more household devices become connected with advances in the Internet of Things, many smart homes would benefit from a device to control all appliances at once. We have already seen a smart remote that ‘captures’ favorite home settings, and a point-and-shoot master remote to control a variety of devices. Silk Lab’s new device Sense will … Read More »

Smart suitcase uses e-tag to speed up bag drop

Add / Remove Despite the best efforts of flight companies to streamline airport check-ins, bags remain a difficult process, with lost items still a common occurrence. That’s why German airline Lufthansa and luggage manufacturer Rimowa are trialling a new e-tag for luggage, which digitally displays travel information. The process enables passengers to simply hand their bags in at the airline’s … Read More »

Intelligent banking app for the smartphone generation

Add / Remove With finance moving increasingly online, we are seeing innovations offering seamless digital alternatives to physical banking. British startup Mondo has created a mobile-first banking service, which sees an app working in conjunction with a debit card to help users manage their finances. Users first load money into their account and spend it with their Mondo card. The … Read More »

Smart email help desk creates automatic replies

Add / Remove Writing out the same answers and emails is time consuming and tedious, and we have already seen a number of software hoping to assist users with it. A keyboard plugin enables businesses to curate a suite of contextual messages for rapid, coordinated responses, and a tool helps companies streamline their cold emailing while retaining a personal touch. … Read More »

Double strength coffee keeps coders awake

Add / Remove Aimed at hard-working coders, dev.Coffee is a brand of high-caffeine organic beans. The startup is marketing its blend specifically to programmers, by emphasizing the potential for increased productivity and concentration. More than that, it offers a 20 percent discount to anyone who can complete a coding challenge, and hosts over 14,000 video programming tutorials for customers on … Read More »