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Service cancels user’s unwanted subscriptions

Add / Remove Most people have at least one outstanding direct debit that they pay month on month without actually using the service. Whether it’s a gym membership, a free trial they forgot to cancel or a neglected Audible account, consumers spend hundreds of dollars each year on subscriptions they no longer want. Now, Truebill is a financial service that … Read More »

Wearable sleeve helps stroke victims recover

Add / Remove With around 150,000 people in the UK suffering from strokes each year, wearable technology is quickly becoming the future of improving recovery rates. We recently saw a South Korean startup develop a smart glove to provide clinicians with real-time patient data on stroke victims. Researchers at Southampton University are introducing the M-Mark system, which is a sensor-equipped sleeve to … Read More »

Posture-correcting eyewear turns off devices

Add / Remove Gameboy disease is a catch-all diagnosis for those who suffer from conditions such as backache, headaches and vision problems induced by a combination of bad posture and frequent device usage. The symptoms are particularly worrying in young people, whose bodies are susceptible to develop spinal conditions since they are still growing. Hoping to prevent this, Medical Wearable … Read More »

Smart gas pedal warns drivers when they are wasting fuel

Add / Remove Bad driving habits can cost drivers precious pennies, as well as harm the environment with unnecessary fuel emissions. With the driver’s foot responsible for a quarter of all fuel consumption, designers believe smart technical aids could help improve this situation. That is why Bosch is working on a new, smart foot pedal that will reduce fuel waste … Read More »

Robotic concierge provides assistance in care homes

Add / Remove The world’s population is aging — in America alone, 10,000 people turn 65 everyday and 70 percent of those will require long-term care. To cope with demand, the caregiving industry will need to triple its workforce to 6 million people. To provide assistance, Luvozo has developed SAM, a robotic concierge, which can provide some of the services … Read More »

Raspberry Pi hack tweets every time broadband level drops

Add / Remove Twitter is natural fit as a customer service tool. If used effectively, the public nature of the platform can help promote a positive image of the company as responsive and helpful. But it can just as easily go the other way, as currently being demonstrated by one Reddit user called AlekseyP. Unimpressed by erratic internet speeds from … Read More »

Innovation Culture Bulletin: Restrictions that breed creativity

Add / Remove “Through yellow walls that shine like silver.” — Jackson C. Frank We tend to think of rules, frameworks and parameters as restrictors, hemming in our decision making and limiting our creativity. “You can’t do that” aren’t four words usually associated with the creative process, and creatives are often revered as rule-breakers, pioneers, mavericks. But are we too … Read More »

Free stopovers and tour guides for those flying over Iceland

Add / Remove Icelandair has come up with a novel way of encouraging travelers to visit its homeland — passengers flying over the Atlantic ocean can stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights, at no extra cost. They can even be accompanied by a stopover buddy — an Icelandair employee — who will help them explore the country. The … Read More »

eATM cash withdrawals via banking app and ApplePay

Add / Remove JPMorgan Chase is planning to reveal its next generation of ATMs, which will enable withdrawals through ApplePay or the bank’s smartphone app. The machines do not require customers to use plastic cards, and the apps will enable cash withdrawals of up to USD 3,000 — three times more than the current threshold. The eATM interfaces via a large portrait touchscreen, … Read More »

Startup connects brands with Periscope stars

Add / Remove Brands have been connecting with famous social media influencers to help promote their content for some time, and we recently saw three platforms that help link brands with user-generated images. With the advent of live video streaming services such as Periscope, it was only a matter of time before marketers sought out new ways to connect with … Read More »