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Top Ten Innovation Report for January

Add / Remove In the Top Ten Innovation Report, we present a digestible run down of the best innovations from the last four weeks. Published monthly these reports are a quick and pain free way to stay up to date on the latest innovations, and are included as a part of a Springwise Access account. *Note that to read some … Read More »

Device extends Bluetooth control in smart homes

Add / Remove As more smart functions enter the home, innovations are offering ways to upgrade ‘dumb’ appliances. But for smart devices that use short range Bluetooth 4.0, Cassia has developed a way upgrade their functions, by boosting their control range to 1000 ft. The wifi-connected Cassia Hub acts like a router, boosting Bluetooth signal from the standard open-air range … Read More »

Smart shower head monitors water usage with lights and games

Add / Remove We’ve seen how a smart water meter can help users track water usage, saving money and making houses more eco-friendly. Now also helping to raise water consumption awareness is Hydrao, a smart shower head. Developed by Smart & Blue, Hydrao can be screwed onto regular shower hoses, and features an LED light that changes color as varying … Read More »

Biodegradable furniture built with fungi

Add / Remove We’ve seen a few examples of bioengineering being used to provide sustainable materials, from beer and coffee 3D printing filament, to compostable drones made of mushrooms. Also using the power of fungi are Terreform ONE, who are building pollution-free furniture using ‘shrooms. The team employ a certain fungal species called mycelia. Using 3D computer-aided design, they combine … Read More »

Vibrating belt lets blind users know which way to turn

Add / Remove In the past, humans have tended to create sensory substitution systems — such as braille and sign language — to enable those who are blind or deaf to communicate via one of the senses they do possess. But we recently saw a project called the VEST — or Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer — that aimed to create a … Read More »

Cashless, IoT payments on any machine

Add / Remove Speeding up the payment process can make any point of sale experience more efficient, as we’ve seen with this drive-thru RFID payment system. DotDashPay is offering software and hardware for businesses to implement seamless cashless payment systems to suit their needs. DotDashPay’s devices give businesses the potential to accept all cashless payment methods, from standard magnetic strip … Read More »

Delivery SaaS enables businesses to join on-demand industry

Add / Remove Businesses such as Uber and Amazon Prime have brought on-demand delivery to consumers around the world and we have already seen the likes of Magic offer to fulfill clients’ delivery demands at the drop of a hat. Now, Bringg is a delivery service software that established companies can integrate into their existing business, in order to compete … Read More »

Disposable fingertips for greasy food

Add / Remove For lovers of greasy and messy food, the Italian Design Agency has created a product to enable them to satisfy their appetites on the go. The latex finger covers were designed by Francesco Musci. The product comes in pack of five colorful tips, which can be put on before eating to protect the diner from sticky fingers. … Read More »

IFTTT helps users get notifications via their TV

Add / Remove For all the double-screeners out there, Comcast has partnered with Springwise alumni IFTTT to enable workaholics to focus their whole attention on their House of Cards marathon — by sending important emails straight to their TV screen. The partnership enables users to have smartphone notifications from apps including Gmail, Instagram and Craigslist appear on their television set, in … Read More »

Socks pause Netflix when the wearer falls asleep

Add / Remove For anyone who has ever woken up to find that they have dozed through the finale of their favorite television show, Netflix has found a solution. The subscription TV network recently launched Netflix Socks — the knitted wearables with designs that celebrate the various Netflix Originals series. The socks can be embedded with homemade tech that sends … Read More »