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Simple program helps users build code using natural language

Add / Remove While most organizations now come with a team of developers as standard, for the entrepreneur that is just starting out, learning how to code takes up time and effort that could be better spent growing a business or selling a product. This is why saas.do has created software that allows anyone to turn ideas into code. saas.do … Read More »

Crayon labels teach kids chemistry elements

Add / Remove Children learn in a variety of different ways and we have already seen a number of projects applying unusual learning methods to unconventional subject matter. For example, a paint set that teaches kids about color theory by removing the names of the colors, while another project enables children to improve their handwriting by letting them play the … Read More »

App allows car owners to message via number plates

Add / Remove When a driver leaves their lights on, or a car alarm goes off endlessly, there is often little people can do to get in touch with the driver. Looking to solve that, Plext enables smartphone users to message other drivers anonymously using their licence plates. To begin, users simply download the app and enter their license plate number. The … Read More »

Conflict zone VR game teaches peacekeeping skills

Add / Remove Rightly or not, violent video games have often been criticized for encouraging aggressive and callous behavior in their players. In this context, virtual reality gaming — which is even more immersive and engrossing — could provide further dangers. But now, a team of researchers at Trinity College Dublin is attempting to invert that process and are harnessing … Read More »

Musician designs guitar especially for the female body

Add / Remove Female guitarists have always had to make do with instruments designed to favour the male body. It certainly hasn’t held them back, but the weight, size and design of most guitars can not only make them harder for women to play, but can also be one of the factors that put girls off from picking one up … Read More »

Startup gets passengers the best train price, even after purchase

Add / Remove As with many ticketed services, train fares can vary widely for the same journey, depending on demand and temporary promotions. Save a Train is a new website which helps customers get the best price by telling them when to cancel and rebook their tickets and get the best fare. Save a Train was created by 3D-Innotech Venture … Read More »

App sends news stories through texts, emojis and gifs

Add / Remove We’ve seen how an app is looking to change the way people read news by providing three different reports from three different perspectives for each story. Now Quartz has developed an app that sends news alerts through SMS, gifs, and emojis. Quartz’s app aims to deliver a new way for readers to consume mobile news. With around … Read More »

Sound system lets multiple users share audio wirelessly

Add / Remove We have already seen headphones that enable two listeners to share an audio experience wirelessly. Now Ekko Audio is a system that enables four or more listeners to access music from an existing audio system, simultaneously over wifi. To begin, users plug in their Ekko base to a power source and connect it to their hi-fi, games … Read More »

Startup showcase introduces businesses to new ideas

Add / Remove Startups face the constant worry that their idea won’t take off due to a lack of visibility. Entrepreneurs with small advertising budgets and resources can have trouble getting the coverage they need to help boost uptake, while medium size businesses can fail to compete with major corporations’ R&D spending. This is the problem Iterate is trying to help … Read More »

Jewelry range for adults soothes teething babies

Add / Remove When babies are teething, they will grab onto anything to chew on for a moment’s relief. Now, Wear Tough is a range of organic silicone teething necklaces, that are pretty enough to wear, satisfying for babies to chew on and much less likely to be ruined by a bit of dribble. The necklaces come in a variety … Read More »