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Smart alarm scares off porch pirates

Add / Remove In 2015, an estimated 23 million Americans had packages stolen from outside their homes by so-called ‘Porch Pirates’. Now a new device called The Package Guard could prevent such thefts by setting off a smart alarm whenever someone tries to intercept an undelivered package. The Package Guard is a wireless, frisbee sized alarm that customers can place … Read More »

Billboard rest-stop provides temporary bedroom for tired drivers

Add / Remove Tiredness behind the wheel is one of the major causes of road accidents globally. We have already seen the Harken project, from Spain, which places sensors into seatbelts and car seats to track drivers’ alertness and an Attention Powered Car from Australia, which slows down automatically when the driver’s attention starts to wander. Now, Sodimac — a … Read More »

Supply drones could help prevent unwanted pregnancies in Ghana

Add / Remove We have seen numerous examples of drones being used to transport medicinal goods and emergency supplies to those in need. Now, the United Nations Population Fund — UNPF — is adopting the same model to get contraception to women in West Africa. The UNPF is currently flying condoms, birth control pill and other medical supplies to the … Read More »

AI algorithm predicts startup success

Add / Remove We’ve seen how algorithms are being used to help build strong startup teams, and now Test4startup can help founders test the ‘successability’ of their actual idea using artificial intelligence software. Users begin by uploading an overview of their business aims. Test4startups then implements a keyword-based analysis that aggregates information relative to the specific market, providing infographics of … Read More »

iPhone keyboard lets sellers quickly send pictures and links to products

Add / Remove One of the major pitfalls of shopping online is the limited communication between shopper and seller. Now, a new app for iOS is looking to help out by making it simpler for online merchants to promote their wears and interact with customers. Shopify, an e-commerce platform based in Canada, is launching Shopkey, an app for iPhone keyboards. … Read More »

Modular handbags have detachable interiors

Add / Remove In these eco-conscious times, modular clothing and accessories can provide a good option for consumers that want to keep a bit of variation while cutting down on their fashion purchases. We have already seen ULTRA offer a 10-piece wardrobe set, that can create a year’s worth of outfits through mixing and matching. Now, Bagmaleon is a new … Read More »

Landing pad autonomously charges drones and collects data

Add / Remove While drones continue to demonstrate their potential in a wide variety of situations, there are still issues surrounding the logistics of their deployment. To be as efficient as possible the drones of the future require greater autonomy, which requires a supporting infrastructure. This is where Dronebox comes in. Dronebox – developed by H3 Dynamics – is a … Read More »

Virtual reality stadium lets distant friends watch the game together

Add / Remove Most sports-lovers would agree that one of the main pleasures in watching a match is the shared experience of being among fellow fanatics. Now, LiveLike is a virtual reality platform that aims to enhance the home-viewing experience by enabling viewers to watch games together in a virtual stadium. To begin, users download the app and create a … Read More »

Sports collar could reduce head injuries from hard impacts

Add / Remove Brain injuries in athletes have been big news in the United States, and were also a topic of discussion in last year’s Rugby World Cup. Concussions in sports such as American Football have been shown to lead to serious memory loss, depression and dementia, and have even been popularized in the recent film Concussion. But now sports … Read More »