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Keyboard app for organizing events in Whatsapp

Add / Remove We’ve seen examples of keyboard apps enabling users to write quick business emails or encrypted private messages, and now Homer is making social meet-ups easier to organize through any group messaging service. The app can run as a keyboard plugin on popular social messaging services, such as WhatsApp, using contextual awareness to monitor conversations and push relevant … Read More »

Palm-sized device lets skiers turn phones into walkie talkies

Add / Remove Communicating with people in the mountains while skiing or snowboarding can be difficult, with sports enthusiasts often having to stop and start to keep together. So developers at Airwave have created a portable device that turns smartphones into walkie talkies for extreme sports and outdoor adventures. The palm sized device links a group of smartphones using Bluetooth, … Read More »

Big data program predicts what events are affecting businesses

Add / Remove Finding out what events impact a business can have a huge effect on profits. Local and international happenings can have a major influence on people using a business or service, but sometimes it can be hard for companies to spot the trends by themselves. In order to help businesses understand events, from national holidays to local festivities, … Read More »

Headphones release happiness chemicals

Add / Remove Most music-lovers would claim to have an emotional reaction to certain songs, and a study from Montreal’s McGill University in 2011 even found that some music can cause the release of the chemical dopamine from the brain, lifting the listener’s mood. Now, a startup called Nervana claims to be able to enhance the listening experience further still, … Read More »

Jewelry e-commerce platform also educates customers

Add / Remove The US jewelry and fine watches market is worth USD 80 billion, but e-commerce platforms account for a very small portion of that — around 5-7 percent. Now, Ice.com is an online jewelry marketplace that hopes to change this. As well as offering affordable, quality jewelry from vetted sellers, it aims to educate its buyers about what … Read More »

This supermarket is Denmark’s first to only sell waste food

Add / Remove Waste food still remains a massive problem in developed countries. Only this year did France passed a law banning supermarkets from throwing away waste food, instead asking them to donate it to charities or food banks. That’s why WeFood opened in Denmark in February. The shop is the country’s first selling only food that has gone passed … Read More »

Timeshare for car leases via app

Add / Remove Car-sharing is becoming an increasingly popular way for commuters and drivers around the world to save money. Now car manufacturing giant Ford is testing a new way to enable drivers to share the cost of owning a car. The Ford Credit Link app enables up to six drivers in Austin, Texas, to share the cost of a … Read More »

Downloadable designer furniture can be made locally

Add / Remove Shipping furniture can be costly and result in long shipping times. But one Hackney-based company is looking to disrupt the furniture market. Opendesk offers designer furniture that can be made locally around the world. The company connects local workshops with online designs. Rather than buying individual pieces and shipping them across the world, customers can pay for … Read More »

Workout machine for immobilized users

Add / Remove For people who have been immobilized through accidents or illnesses, one of the greatest frustrations can be the inability to keep fit and healthy. Now, Ultimate Wellness and Recovery has designed the Stuck in Bed Fitness Solution — an exercise machine for those who are wheelchair or bed-bound. Stuck in Bed Fitness can be used by people … Read More »

A TripAdvisor for business to business products and services

Add / Remove Over 90 percent of buyers refer to online reviews before making a purchase, so it is no surprise that there are hundreds of crowdsourced review websites, from household names such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to niche platforms such as InHerSight, which collates anonymous reviews to flag up sexism in the workplace. Now, CrowdReviews offers a similar function … Read More »