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The healthiest pizza delivery service ever

Add / Remove For anyone who doesn’t already feel guilty enough tucking into a delivery pizza, London restaurant Sodo have launched a monthly offer in collaboration with creative agency TBWA London, which sees its pizza being delivered on foot by runners — not only does this eliminate the carbon footprint, the delivery-by-exercise adds on ‘guilt’ as an extra topping. Delivery … Read More »

Speed-dating app uses facial recognition to analyze response

Add / Remove Dating apps are now an integral part of many people’s love lives, using apps and sites as a means of meeting new potential partners. As facial recognition software becomes more sophisticated, it was only a matter of time before the tech is applied to the online dating industry. Software developer Krush is making use of their facial … Read More »

Renaissance art comes to life via Google Cardboard

Add / Remove Some of the world’s great art exhibitions can be hard to experience in reality, with galleries full of famous artworks existing overseas. But now a mobile application for art museums in Belgium is letting art lovers step into the works of famous painters. The renaissance artist Bruegel’s paintings are now coming to life via virtual reality, with viewers … Read More »

Mindfulness service helps the whole company de-stress

Add / Remove Stress is thought to lead to billions of dollars of losses in productivity and healthcare costs. But a San Francisco-based startup is looking to make mindfulness and stress management an normal part of the workplace environment. Blooming is offering the first technology-aided mindfulness meditation service to companies. The startup offers personal headbands and stress monitors, and guides … Read More »

Researchers have discovered a micro-bug that eats plastic

Add / Remove Japanese researchers have discovered a plastic-eating microorganism, which could help recycle some of the millions of tons of PET plastic currently filling landfills and polluting the world’s oceans. The microorganism, a bacterium named Ideonella sakaiensis, is able to completely digest the commonly used PET plastic, which otherwise takes around 450 years to break down. Ideonella sakaiensis was … Read More »

Booking a neighborhood handyman is eco-friendly and better value

Add / Remove We’ve seen how enlisting a handyman can be made easier with text or Facebook messaging, and a new platform, Blueberry, is aiming to disrupt the handyman-hiring process to the benefit of users, pros and the environment. If, for example, one neighbor needs a tree-trimming service, others in the area can sign up via Blueberry’s free online booking … Read More »

Swedish town gets an unmanned convenience store

Add / Remove We have seen an unmanned restaurant and an unmanned coffee shop. Now, an entrepreneur in Sweden has opened Naraffar the first staffless convenience store in the small town of Viken. The 24-hour shop, opened by Robert Ilijason, stocks basically everything you would expect from a convenience store, including milk, bread, sugar, canned food and diapers. To shop … Read More »

On-demand service could be Uber for blood collection

Add / Remove Collecting blood for clinical and medical testing can be an arduous process, involving lots of travel, with the added annoyance of patients not turning up to appointments, and time wasted with doctors and phlebotomists. But now a new phlebotomy service, Iggbo, is looking to change that. Blood collectors can become a freelancer with the new on-demand app; rather … Read More »

Button can order anything from delivery pizza to groceries

Add / Remove One-click ordering has made it simpler for people to put in orders for groceries or supplies they use on a regular basis. But a service is planning to bring brands and goods even closer to the home, with a one-push button that can be configured to re-order just about anything. Kwik offers households a physical button that … Read More »

Milk bank pays Cambodian mothers for their excess breast milk

Add / Remove Breast milk is the most natural way to feed newborns, and there are some babies who cannot digest anything else. But approximately two percent of women can’t produce enough. For them the options are limited to milk banks — which are often undersupplied — or un-policed online forums such as Only The Breast, where the milk sold … Read More »