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Discovery app finds products from TV or online video

Add / Remove We have seen apps that help shoppers find items they see in magazines, or let them take photos of any outfit to find out where to buy it. But tracking down products after seeing it on television still requires laborious investigation. Now a new app is offering an instant search function for products users see on television. … Read More »

In Afghanistan, women’s football team has new kit for muslim players

Add / Remove Women’s sport in traditional muslim countries has often come under attack. Football virtually disappeared from Afghanistan during the 1990s, when the national stadium was used for public punishments, but the sport has made a recent resurgence. Following an official lifting on the ban in head coverings in football by Fifa, Danish sportswear manufacturer Hummel has unveiled new football team … Read More »

Privacy-first messaging app comes with digital assistant

Add / Remove Much of peer-to-peer messaging is not truly private, and often the data users create is not always under their ownership — even when messages are encrypted, its security can be undermined when sent across multiple applications. As the recent legal battle between the US government and Apple shows, privacy remains a major issue for technology companies. Developers … Read More »

Rubbery coating prevents machines from freezing over

Add / Remove Winter weather can wreak havoc with flight schedules. We recently wrote about a de-icing concrete that could be used at airports to prevent cancellations, and now researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an ice-repellent spray, which could be applied to airplanes — and other machinery — to prevent them from freezing over. The “icephobic” coating … Read More »

Name-your-price hotel rooms

Add / Remove Hotels are often left with unfilled rooms, which is why we have seen websites offering to cancel and rebook rooms for customers, and make the most of fluctuating room prices. Polish startup Findbed reverses the booking process by enabling customers to name their ideal price, leaving the hoteliers to decide whether or not to accept their offers. … Read More »

Virtual tsunami simulator could help civilians prepare for the worst

Add / Remove The applications for virtual reality continue to grow — we have recently seen one VR game used to help recovering addicts and another that teaches peacekeeping skills. Now, the Aichi University of Technology has created a VR tsunami simulator, which can be experienced with Oculus Rift, Gear VR or Google Cardboard to help people prepare for natural … Read More »

Chef incubator offers rent-free space in return for revenue share

Add / Remove The thriving foodie city of Pittsburgh is an appropriate home for a food-based startup incubator. Smallman Galley is a food hall that offers rent-free space to up-and-coming chefs — so they can gain fans while they hone their skills and perfect their cuisines — in return for revenue share. The 200-seat venue, which opened in December 2015, … Read More »

Transparency platform protects renters against scams

Add / Remove There are multiple hurdles for today’s renters — huge demand means that properties are snapped up fast and there is a lot of paperwork with each new application. On top of that there are plenty of fraudsters looking to capitalize on the desperation of Generation Rent. Now, TranspaRENT aims to bring more transparency to the rental industry … Read More »

Fully automated apartment lets users live like The Jetsons

Add / Remove Connecting up devices in the smart home, from lights to blinds and music players are nothing new, but now a startup is looking to construct entire homes that are purpose-built to be fully automated for the Internet of Things. California-based Brain of Things believes fully automated “robot homes” could be the future of living. The company’s smart … Read More »

Contactless kiosks can take immediate payment for anything

Add / Remove Contactless credit cards have made in-store payments effortless and we have even seen contactless phone cases and a contactless suit making payments even smoother. Now, Think&Go’s new Connected Screens technology brings the same capabilities to payment kiosks. The Think&Go Connected Screen is an interactive checkout counter, which operates like an oversized, upright, LCD touchscreen table. The machine … Read More »