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App turns print ads into digital storefronts

Add / Remove Platforms such as QThru have already demonstrated how QR code scanning can help make the retail process more convenient in-store. Now Pounce is doing a similar thing with image recognition for catalogs and print material, enabling users to instantly buy items by scanning pictures on the page. Businesses who send out print material such as ads, catalogs … Read More »

Key-less bike lock lets riders remotely hand access to friends

Add / Remove This is part of a new series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. We’ve seen numerous updates to the bicycle that use smart technology to make them more secure and practical — take the … Read More »

QR code stamps let senders attach video content to physical mail

Add / Remove Croatia’s Hrvatska Pošta scheme has already leveraged QR codes on stamps to help the country’s postal service track the whereabouts of mail. Now the Australia Post is making the technology useful for consumers, enabling them to attach a recorded video message to the physical envelopes they send through the Video Stamp. Rather than simply using a traditional … Read More »

Sexual health badges help potential partners share their STD status

Add / Remove Sexual health is a sensitive issue, and many people are embarrassed by it. However, not revealing your status to a bedroom partner can put them at risk of contracting. Luhu is a new service that gives members a digital badge that indicates if they have a clean bill of sexual health — or if they haven’t had … Read More »

Quirky British tearoom develops inhalable tea

Add / Remove While alcoholic beverages have been inhalable since the invention of the somewhat controversial Vaportini, a less intoxicating version created by Camellia’s Tea House in the UK is now enabling tea lovers to experience their favorite drink in a new way. Located on London’s famous Carnaby Street, the tearoom is known for its speciality blends and herbal infusions, … Read More »

App rewards users for going to the cinema, rather than staying in

Add / Remove Cinemas are facing tough competition from new companies such as Netflix and on-demand services, but they can still win film fans over with extra incentives that digital platforms can’t offer. The UK’s Cinime is doing just that, giving rewards to cinemagoers for interacting with content and competing in quizzes before and after movie showings. Available for both … Read More »

Glove Love is a matchmaking service for lost and lonely gloves

Add / Remove It’s always annoying when one of a pair of gloves becomes damaged or lost, essentially rendering the other one useless. We’ve already seen how Woolfiller can help breathe new life into woolen garments without the need for darning, and now Glove Love aims to solve the second problem, by coupling single gloves from lost property boxes, and … Read More »

Muscle-faking shirt is a pushup bra for guys

Add / Remove There are numerous diets and routines that claim to help men lose fat and build muscle in implausible lengths of time. The truth is that it takes hard work and determination to obtain a great physique. However — for those still looking for a quick fix without the effort — Funkybod is a t-shirt padded in the … Read More »

Invisible bike helmet, now available to buy

Add / Remove Helmets are enough of a hassle that some cyclists refuse to wear them, and encouraging them to do so is tricky. We’ve already seen Netherlands-based EGG make the devices more customizable in an effort to get kids wearing them, but now the team behind the Hövding — a wearable airbag for cyclists, packed away while riding and … Read More »

Project screens movies for communities that have never seen them

Add / Remove We learn a lot from the cinema, and even fantastical summer blockbusters can reveal some truths about the way we live. However, there are some remote communities where movies just aren’t a part of residents’ lives. In order to open up the silver screen to those corners of the world, a new project called Mobile Movies is … Read More »