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Bike Butler equips hotel guests with local cycling knowledge

Add / Remove Not all hotels cater for tourists who want to travel in an eco-friendly way, although we have previously seen venues such as The Charles Hotel in Massachusetts offer free cycle classes. Now the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver is launching a Bike Butler service, giving cyclists help in exploring the local surroundings. After noting the number … Read More »

Park bench doubles as a water reservoir

Add / Remove Places such as Mumbai in India are famous for the amount of rainfall they experience in monsoon season. This natural downpour usually renders public furniture such as park benches useless as residents escape the rain. The Water Bench is a Dutch-Chinese innovation that puts the furniture to work during heavy rain, collecting rainwater to irrigate the parks … Read More »

In Turkey, investors put their money into new startups while they fly

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember Virgin Atlantic‘s in-flight art gallery, which helps passengers with cash to spend find a new piece of art for their home. Now Turkish Airlines is introducing its Invest on Board program, enabling investors to discover and support new businesses while they fly. Developed for the airline in collaboration with startup incubator … Read More »

Indoor herb holders give old wine bottles new life

Add / Remove Restaurants get through a large number of wine bottles, and eco-conscious kitchens typically send them to be recycled once they’re finished. However, this process still uses up resources, which has prompted Portuguese startup My Little Garden to turn the containers into plant holders that help homeowners and businesses grow their own herbs. The company first collects empty … Read More »

Kiosks let travelers swap their leftover change for Bitcoin

Add / Remove We first wrote about Bitcoin in 2011 when it was still in beta and had just reached parity with USD. Over two years later and the digital currency is dominating the news after positive comments by US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke recently, which contributed to a record surge to USD 900. Now globetrotters with leftover foreign … Read More »

Wise Words with Erik Andrus

Add / Remove Many of the startups that make it to the pages of Springwise are pushing the boundaries of what we can do with new technology, not reverting to methods that now seem old-fashioned and, well, more work than it needs to be. However, Erik Andrus — Project Director of the Vermont Sail Freight Project — will tell you … Read More »

London begins labeling the physical world with calorie loss indicators

Add / Remove Some people are fitness freaks and some are couch potatoes, but it actually doesn’t require rigorous exercise to stay in good shape. We previously wrote about Coca-Cola’s Work It Out Calculator — which details the small tasks that cancel out the calories in its products — and now the UK’s StepJockey is a project that raises awareness … Read More »

Self-service security gate could prevent terror threats at large venues

Add / Remove Most airports nowadays do not take security lightly, employing smarter technology and larger workforces to ensure potential threats are prevented from ever occurring. However, there are other venues such as sports stadiums, train stations and popular public locations that simply can’t afford the same level of safety. The Qylatron is a device that scans visitors and their … Read More »

Breathing mask, lamp and alarm in one can be activated in 5 seconds

Add / Remove We recently wrote about the Bulb Flashlight, which gives LED lighting extra practicality by turning into a torch in emergencies, and now we’ve come across another device that combines useful tools in the event of a fire. Hailing from South Korea, the 5aver helps evacuation by providing air, light and an alarm within 5 seconds of activation. … Read More »

Smart diaper alerts parents when their baby pees

Add / Remove Sensor-based tech is increasingly giving parents a helping hand when it comes to monitoring and looking after their kids, as we’ve seen previously with the BleepBleeps kit. Now the Brazilian arm of diaper manufacturer Huggies has created the Tweet Pee, a device that connects to parents’ smartphones and lets them know when their baby’s diaper needs changing. … Read More »