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Alarm clock wakes up users with the date they’ll die

Add / Remove Escaping from the warmth and comfort of the bed is difficult at the best of times, but a lack of motivation can lead to one too many presses of the snooze button. While the Wake N Shake app has previously used challenges and social leaderboards as an incentive for deep sleepers to rise in the morning, the … Read More »

Design agency lets clients pay what they want

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember 99designs’ Swiftly service, which offers small design tweaks for a flat rate of USD 15 per job. Exploring another unconventional business model for designers, Poland-based interactive agency 8k is now offering its clients a pay-what-you-want system, whereby they can decide how much the work is worth. For businesses outsourcing their design … Read More »

Switch-less bike lights use magnetism to lock on and turn on

Add / Remove Bike lights can be expensive, and owners with those that are fixed to the frame may find they are easily stolen and difficult to install. Developed in Italy, pocket-sized Lucetta lights use magnetism both to secure the devices to the bike frame and as a switch mechanism. Each cylindrical light is around 2cm cubed in size and … Read More »

Immersive 360° video lets viewers choose which characters to follow

Add / Remove The in-built accelerometers in tablets and smartphones offer unusual ways for users to interact with multimedia content. We recently wrote about Device6, a playable novel that relies on manipulation of the iPad to give a sense of space. Now a project from Switzerland called IDNA – Spatial Storytelling has produced a 360-degree video narrative for handheld devices … Read More »

Smart thermometer keeps track of the whole family’s health

Add / Remove Even if parents own a thermometer at home, they can only make basic assumptions about their kids’ or their own health from the result without consulting a doctor. The Kinsa smart thermometer aims to change that, enabling families to track their health, analyze their symptoms and learn about illnesses going round in their neighborhood. Able to plug … Read More »

Coffee bean roaster promises the freshest automatic home brew

Add / Remove This is part of a new series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. While some consumers may be swapping their morning brew for the Sprayable Energy‘s drink-less alternative, others still treasure the nuances of … Read More »

Candy startup enables customers to eat their Instagrams

Add / Remove Instagram has turned the average smartphone owner into a photographer, and the app has spawned a number of businesses that help its users to make more of the snaps they take. We’ve already written about Stitchagram — which places Instagrams on hand-made cushions — and now UK-based Boomf enables anyone to put their favorite photos onto marshmallow … Read More »

Service stores loved ones’ unique DNA data

Add / Remove We recently wrote about Holy Smoke — the unusual service that lets friends and family commemorate passed loved ones by putting their ashes into bullets. Now DNA Memorial is another new business that is helping families to store the unique DNA of dead relatives both as a memento and to help future generations learn about their ancestry. … Read More »

App turns smartphone owners into film crew members

Add / Remove The rising quality of smartphones’ video capabilities is opening up new opportunities for consumers to create their own mini films. Now Film Crew is an app that enables professional filmmakers to crowdsource smartphone footage from anyone wanting to join the crew and earn a credit. Those with film projects — which could be anything from short films, … Read More »

Knuckle duster-shaped umbrella handle lets users text on the go

Add / Remove This is part of a new series of articles that looks at some of the most bizarre and niche business ideas we see here at Springwise. While some people get annoyed by pedestrians who walk and text at the same time, it’s tough luck — because a company called Brolly has made it easier to do just … Read More »