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Airline sends cuddly toys on the trip of a lifetime

Add / Remove Some parents can’t afford to take their children abroad, but one Japan-based startup may have found the next best thing. Inspiring a sense of wonder in kids that can’t globetrot themselves, Unagi Travel sends their toys on adventures and posts Facebook photos from their holiday. The company currently offers four package holidays for stuffed guests — a … Read More »

From Israel, eco aerosol uses nanotechnology in place of polluting gases

Add / Remove Aerosols have long been known to be bad for the environment and although CFCs are largely a thing of the past, current versions still use nitrous oxide and CO2 — known greenhouse gases. Hailing from Israel, Greenspense claims to be an eco alternative that does away with propellants to create a non-pressurized aerosol dispenser. Typical spray cans … Read More »

Roving dental practice will come to your office

Add / Remove New York’s Manicube has been delivering quick, in-office manicure appointments to those too busy to leave work, and now Studio Dental is doing the same for San Francisco workers who can’t find the time to regularly see their dentist. According to the team behind the startup, less than 25 percent of Americans go for a dental checkup … Read More »

Create-your-own cereal lets consumers mix their perfect breakfast

Add / Remove We recently saw the The Grand Old Duke of Pork become the latest in a long line of businesses that give consumers the ability to alter products to their own tastes. Now MixMyOwn.com is joining in, giving consumers to chance to customize their own breakfast cereals to include their favorite ingredients. Customers logging onto the website first … Read More »

In return for volunteering, students receive help with loan payments

Add / Remove Students often find themselves either unable to afford higher education, or left with unmanageable loan repayments once they’ve finished. While startups such as Fynanz have offered alternatives like peer-to-peer lending to make students’ lives easier, a new company called Zero Bound is now encouraging them to undertake sponsored volunteering projects in return for loan donations from friends … Read More »

Drinks turned ice cold in under 45 seconds

Add / Remove Microwaves have long since provided small retailers with a way to quickly heat food on demand for customers, but when it comes to keeping products cool, constantly-on refrigerators are needed, sucking up energy and money. Now a new solution — V-Tex — uses an innovative technique to turn beverages ice cold in less than 45 seconds, reducing … Read More »

Motivational audiobooks send joggers on a personal adventure

Add / Remove Many regular runners can’t go for a jog without a playlist to energize them to keep moving. But can audiobooks provide the same motivation? The Austria-based team behind the Runtastic app believe so, and have created Story Running — a series of exercise-length short stories designed to add an imaginative element to trips round the park and … Read More »

Tent doubles as a trash bag to tackle festival waste

Add / Remove The rising popularity of music festivals located in the countryside has meant that the beautiful scenery they take place in is often left looking more like a trash pile once the crowds have dispersed. In order to make it easier for revelers to pick up the inevitable garbage they create over the weekend, waste product manufacturer Glad … Read More »

Springwise Updates

Add / Remove It’s always exciting to hear about the progress made by businesses that we’ve previously featured. Here are some updates from founders who have all got in touch to share their latest news: BetterDoctor While companies like ZocDoc make it easier for patients to get quickly connected with a health professional, BetterDoctor strives for quality of service, using … Read More »