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Eco home heating from food waste and underground trains

Add / Remove Cities need to look away from the ever-dwindling supplies of non-renewable resources to provide the power their citizens demand. Two new initiatives on both sides of the Atlantic are now harnessing the energy that’s considered a waste product of existing system to heat homes. The Department of Sanitation New York and Islington Council in the UK are … Read More »

App translates cinema audio into any language

Add / Remove We’ve already seen how second-screen devices can be utilized to display real-time text translations for any TV program through the Easy Way Subtitles app, but when it comes to the cinema it’s much harder to cater for individual viewers. However, a new app called MyLINGO now lets cinemagoers listen to foreign language audio dubs of new movie … Read More »

Smart hub stores users’ photos securely and auto-syncs them across devices

Add / Remove Smartphones have turned us all into photographers, and we’ve previously seen quite a few services help users keep track of all their snaps, such as Flock — the platform that automatically merges multiple people’s photographs into one album. Now Lyve is a living room media center that enables anyone to easily sync photos across all of their … Read More »

Smart mask reduces users’ need for sleep

Add / Remove A good night’s sleep can be vital in order to have the optimum energy to carry out the day’s tasks when waking, but constant traveling and other commitments can get in the way. While innovators in Australia recently developed the Re-Timer headset, using light therapy to reset users’ body clock, NeuroOn is a brainwave-monitoring sleeping mask that … Read More »

App directs users to restaurants that use ‘humane meat’

Add / Remove In the past we’ve seen Turnyp connect customers with restaurants that match their allergy needs, and now the The Humane Eating Project is another app that helps those concerned by animal cruelty to make conscientious choices while eating out. With consumer diets now as varied as ever due to increasingly diverse lifestyle choices and growing awareness of … Read More »

Facebook-style news feed helps teams keep track of their accomplishments

Add / Remove We’ve already seen platforms such as Bonus.ly that help employers easily reward their best performing workers. Now Didlog helps to track employees’ work on a granular level, enabling teams to quickly see who has done what. Every member of the team is given their own Didlog account and their work is logged onto a single dashboard that … Read More »

Noodle brand launches hangover cab service for office workers

Add / Remove Party-goers in Las Vegas have already been able to take advantage of Hangover Heaven, the touring bus equipped with medical and therapeutic remedies to help them beat their hangover. Now a UK noodle company is offering office workers its new Kab-U-To Work service, which has been chauffering them back to work the day after their festive party … Read More »

Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2014

Add / Remove We hope that you’ll find these concepts as inspiring as we do, and that they spark even more innovation in the year to come! 1. Swedish invisible bike helmet, now available to buy Cycling take-up by city dwellers varies around the world — almost one quarter of all journeys taken in Malmö, Sweden, are made by bike, … Read More »

Bike wheel stores pedal power to provide energy boosts for tough inclines

Add / Remove We’ve already seen battery-powered attachments that provide electric power to regular pushbikes thanks to innovations such as the UK’s Rubbee. Now researchers at MIT have created the Copenhagen Wheel, which fits onto any bike and captures energy from the rider’s cycling, offering a power boost when they need it for harder inclines later on. The wheel features … Read More »

Affordable plug adapters make any appliance smartphone-controlled

Add / Remove This is part of a new series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. Many new devices are now coming with smartphone connectivity as standard, but what about households who can’t afford to replace their … Read More »