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Which of these is not a real business?

Add / Remove It’s April Fools’ Day. While many are busy taking preventative measures to avoid office pranks, we have put together a list of the best Weird of the Week business ideas from the Springwise database — innovations that should be April Fools, but are actually real. But there’s one hidden in the lineup that’s actually not a real … Read More »

App links coffee lovers with on-demand baristas

Add / Remove The growth of third wave coffee shops has brought with it an increased interest in high quality home brews. Equipment such as this micro roaster enables anyone to make a perfect coffee in their own home. Now, Coffee Shots is an app that connects thirsty locals with nearby home-baristas, so that they can enjoy a coffee together. … Read More »

Easy-to-use parking ticket app

Add / Remove Many parking meters have gone digital, with big cities such as San Francisco and London enabling drivers to pay on their smartphone. But many of these systems involve long-winded processes that are almost as inconvenient as fumbling for spare change, so residents often don’t bother and risk getting a ticket. Now, Meter Feeder is an app that … Read More »

Gym startup offers cloud-connected sporting equipment

Add / Remove As fitness equipment move into the digital age, it was only a matter of time before an entire gym offers cloud-connected machines. Munich-based startup eGym offers exercise equipment that are linked to the cloud, and supporting apps for the fitness training floor, so New Entrepreneurs can bring their workouts into their connected life. While many gyms nowadays … Read More »

New database sells stock images of how people really live

Add / Remove For most digital publishers, finding the right stock image that not only fits the brand, but also conveys the right message, can be a huge hurdle. Though there are platforms that sell only high quality images, many of them still fall short when it comes to offering up-to-date and relevant photos that truly represent the modern life … Read More »

Crime watch app filters racial bias and enables anonymous text chat

Add / Remove Taking from the viral nature of terror and crime stories, the US Army is hoping to use people’s desire to report suspicious activity on social media using its new crime reporting app. The iWatch system brings the principle of a neighborhood watch to the smartphone age. The app has been designed for use by US military personal and … Read More »

Drone monitors methane leaks at fracking sites

Add / Remove The recent explosion in shale natural gas extraction in the US has massively improved the nation’s energy portfolio, reducing its reliance on coal and oil imports. But at least two percent of natural gas resources are lost through leaks of the greenhouse gas methane at production sites. Now a new drone, the RMLD-Sentry, is set to help monitor … Read More »

SEO artificial intelligence could boost webpage ranking

Add / Remove As search engine rankings become evermore important, companies are hiring costly SEO specialists to help their sites gain more exposure and click-throughs. But for smaller startups that cannot afford to hire someone, Webpage.ly could offer an affordable alternative. The subscription platform aims to help web developers make their sites more searchable. Webpage.ly uses an algorithm that learns … Read More »

Fitbit for kayakers is a personal coach

Add / Remove We’ve seen wearables that track individual fitness levels for a variety of exercises, and now kayakers can access the same level of feedback thanks to the Motionize app. Using a kayak-mounted smartphone (in a waterproof case) and a Bluetooth-activated gyroscopic sensor that is fixed on the paddle, Motionize assesses the kayaker’s ability and offers personalized feedback and … Read More »

Top 10 Sustainable Energy innovations from the last 12 months

Add / Remove 1 Money-making boiler generates electricity and cuts CO2 emissions Nerdalize came up first in our top 10 business ideas and opportunities for 2016. The data storage company makes use of the waste heat from stored servers, and uses it to warm homes. Flow Energy’s microCHP boiler similarly generates energy as a byproduct of heating consumers’ homes, and … Read More »