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Innovation Culture Bulletin: Driving diversity

Add / Remove “Nakedness has no color: this can come as news only to those who have never covered, or been covered by, another naked human being.” — James Baldwin Regular readers of our Innovation Culture Bulletin will notice that the theme of employee autonomy runs through the series. Giving each member of staff options, be it to do with … Read More »

Pigeons monitor air pollution in London

Add / Remove Humans have been using pigeons to carry messages for more than a thousand years, but the ancient use of these birds has been given a modern twist for a new air pollution research project in London. Pigeon Air Patrol, a three-day project developed by Plume Labs, is fitting pigeons with tiny air-monitoring backpacks to monitor the city’s air … Read More »

New aeroplane eliminates jet lag

Add / Remove Ever since the conception of long-haul air travel, the effects of jet lag have been a blight on holidays and business trips alike. We have seen products such as a spray and a superfruit drink helping to limit the tiredness caused by traveling halfway across the world, but now, Airbus have developed a new plane that could … Read More »

App streamlines lunch hour dining

Add / Remove Most workers would be hard-pushed to fit an enjoyable sit-down meal into their lunch hour without feeling rushed. Now, Allset is an app that could change that by enabling diners to pre-order their lunchtime meals at nearby restaurants and avoid queues so they can get the most out of their break. To begin, users download the free … Read More »

Digital jukebox partners with Spotify and PayPal

Add / Remove The creation of Spotify and other streaming services bring with them the expectation that consumers can listen to any music they want any time they want, whether at home or on the move. TouchTunes extends that capability to public spaces too, acting as a digital jukebox, which enables patrons to choose the music in bars and venues … Read More »

Eco friendly cement made from burnt clay

Add / Remove The manufacture of cement has a very large carbon footprint. Huge amounts of fuel are used to heat limestone — the raw material — at 1450 degrees, producing tons of CO2. We have a seen a number of greener building solutions, such as the a building block that is carbon negative, and an eco-friendly brick, which is … Read More »

The world’s first miniature robot hand to be used in real surgery

Add / Remove Using robots to perform medical treatment has been the thing of science fiction for decades, but an operation completed in Paraguay this month has made the stuff of fantasy a reality. In what is thought to be the first in human use of a miniaturized robotic device for surgery, the tiny robot, developed by California-based company Virtual Incision, … Read More »

AI financial advisor makes 80 year projection

Add / Remove Being well-informed and able to view things in the longterm can make all the difference when it comes to financial decisions. We have already seen the likes of a tech assistant using big data to help people get the best exchange rates, and now Pefin can help even more. The artificial intelligence platform, which is currently in … Read More »

Spherical smart tyres for autonomous cars

Add / Remove As the reality of autonomous cars draws closer, tyre manufacturer Goodyear is preparing in advance. The company recently unveiled two new tyre concepts at the 86th Geneva International Motor show, designed specifically to deal with the opportunities that driverless cars will create. The Eagle 360 is a spherical tyre, which can move in every direction. While the … Read More »

Online ratings turned into one reputation score

Add / Remove The anonymity of the online world can provoke a lack of trust in both vendors and buyers. Positive ratings and reviews can make all the difference, but until now these have been confined to individual ecommerce platforms, meaning newcomers have to start from scratch on each new site. Now, Deemly aims to fix this by enabling users … Read More »