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Where Are They Now?: A Shoe That Grows

Add / Remove In this month’s Where Are They Now we revisit Because International, a non-profit that created The Shoe That Grows — a flexible shoe that adjusts and expands gradually, and can fit a child’s foot perfectly for five years. As any parent will know, kids’ feet grow at an alarming rate, and in the developing world, there are … Read More »

Navigation app red-zones high crime areas

Add / Remove Most urban cities have areas that are unsafe and intimidating. Long-time residents often instinctively avoid such streets, but newcomers and tourists don’t always know about them. Now, RedZone is a navigation app that will help anyone stay safe in a new city by providing location-based crime data in real-time. RedZone combines crime data from government agencies with … Read More »

App splits restaurant bill to rectify pay gaps

Add / Remove Despite growing awareness, there is still a problematic pay gap between men and women and along racial lines. This will — hopefully — eventually be rectified, but in the meantime we have seen some interesting initiatives that aim to balance things out at the point of payment. First, there was Less Than 100 — a traveling pop-up … Read More »

Thermal billboard can detect a fever

Add / Remove Interactive billboards are providing interesting new ways for brands to connect with consumers. We have already seen a yawning advert used to advertise coffee, and a smart Russian billboard that hides a secret advert from the police. Now, the Theraflu Thermoscanner, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and GSK, measures the temperature of passers-by to determine whether or … Read More »

Anonymous social media lets users create different personas

Add / Remove Social media has become a part of most people’s daily routine, and many use multiple social media channels to show different sides of themselves. But now, a new social network is encouraging people to hide their real identities entirely. Instead, it wants users to embrace their online personas. Galaxia is a new social platform where users create multiple personas … Read More »

Second screen app makes TV marathons social

Add / Remove The advent of on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix has freed the viewer from the constraints of scheduling, but it has also resulted in a loss of a sense of community that comes from an entire nation watching the series finale of The Sopranos at the same time. Now, Bingee is a smartphone app that wants to … Read More »

Curated care packages for friends in need

Add / Remove In the modern age, it is incredibly easy to instantaneously send a friend in need an email, text or funny gif to cheer them up. But nothing quite compares to a real care package, received through the post. Pick Me Up Parcels and Positivity Pack are two startups offering just that. Both companies enable thoughtful friends to … Read More »

Open platform for downloadable electronics parts

Add / Remove Once upon a time designers had to spend hours working on computer aided design chips and circuit boards before they were able to create a new product. But now, an online platform is opening up electronics design with a downloadable library of components. SnapEDA is a library for all kinds of microchips, circuit boards and schematics for … Read More »

Fitness trackers and scales for the mobility-impaired

Add / Remove Fitness trackers have proved to be an effective addition to weight loss programs, but they currently do not work for people who are wheelchair-bound because of obesity or other disabilities. This means that a vital part of the population who could benefit from the technology are going without. Now, researchers at The University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering … Read More »

Interactive map links to destination videos for visitors

Add / Remove There is only so much you can tell about a place from the description in a guide book. We have already seen a Turkish startup offer potential visitors remote smartphone tours from locals, and now TripGlimpse is also enabling tourists to preview their destination via an interactive map and curated video footage. TripGlimpse is an online platform … Read More »