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Safer taxis via female-only Uber

Add / Remove Uber may have revolutionized the taxi industry, but there have been a number of assaults and rapes by its drivers, and many passengers — women in particular — feel unsafe using the service. Aiming to rectify this is Chariot for Women, the female-only taxi service that is set to launch in Boston next week. Chariot for Women … Read More »

Where Are They Now?: A Shoe That Grows

Add / Remove In this month’s Where Are They Now we revisit Because International, a non-profit that created The Shoe That Grows — a flexible shoe that adjusts and expands gradually, and can fit a child’s foot perfectly for five years. As any parent will know, kids’ feet grow at an alarming rate, and in the developing world, there are … Read More »

Navigation app red-zones high crime areas

Add / Remove Most urban cities have areas that are unsafe and intimidating. Long-time residents often instinctively avoid such streets, but newcomers and tourists don’t always know about them. Now, RedZone is a navigation app that will help anyone stay safe in a new city by providing location-based crime data in real-time. RedZone combines crime data from government agencies with … Read More »

App splits restaurant bill to rectify pay gaps

Add / Remove Despite growing awareness, there is still a problematic pay gap between men and women and along racial lines. This will — hopefully — eventually be rectified, but in the meantime we have seen some interesting initiatives that aim to balance things out at the point of payment. First, there was Less Than 100 — a traveling pop-up … Read More »

Thermal billboard can detect a fever

Add / Remove Interactive billboards are providing interesting new ways for brands to connect with consumers. We have already seen a yawning advert used to advertise coffee, and a smart Russian billboard that hides a secret advert from the police. Now, the Theraflu Thermoscanner, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and GSK, measures the temperature of passers-by to determine whether or … Read More »

Anonymous social media lets users create different personas

Add / Remove Social media has become a part of most people’s daily routine, and many use multiple social media channels to show different sides of themselves. But now, a new social network is encouraging people to hide their real identities entirely. Instead, it wants users to embrace their online personas. Galaxia is a new social platform where users create multiple personas … Read More »

Second screen app makes TV marathons social

Add / Remove The advent of on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix has freed the viewer from the constraints of scheduling, but it has also resulted in a loss of a sense of community that comes from an entire nation watching the series finale of The Sopranos at the same time. Now, Bingee is a smartphone app that wants to … Read More »

Curated care packages for friends in need

Add / Remove In the modern age, it is incredibly easy to instantaneously send a friend in need an email, text or funny gif to cheer them up. But nothing quite compares to a real care package, received through the post. Pick Me Up Parcels and Positivity Pack are two startups offering just that. Both companies enable thoughtful friends to … Read More »

Open platform for downloadable electronics parts

Add / Remove Once upon a time designers had to spend hours working on computer aided design chips and circuit boards before they were able to create a new product. But now, an online platform is opening up electronics design with a downloadable library of components. SnapEDA is a library for all kinds of microchips, circuit boards and schematics for … Read More »

Fitness trackers and scales for the mobility-impaired

Add / Remove Fitness trackers have proved to be an effective addition to weight loss programs, but they currently do not work for people who are wheelchair-bound because of obesity or other disabilities. This means that a vital part of the population who could benefit from the technology are going without. Now, researchers at The University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering … Read More »