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With help of app, consumers support brands with matching ideals

Add / Remove We’ve already seen crowdsourced barcode comments courtesy of Open Label, giving consumers more information about the products they buy. Now a new app called Buycott is helping shoppers stick to their principles by letting them know if brand histories clash with the causes they support. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, users first … Read More »

Car roof storage doubles as a boat

Add / Remove Boats are cumbersome things to take on a trip, even when they’re a small rowboat. While the maker of the Ar Vag has already proposed one solution with his foldable canoe, the BoatBox is another option, suitable for storing luggage while driving and also for use as a rowboat. Typically, families who want some extra storage when … Read More »

Google Boosts Hong Kong Entrepreneurs

Google Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said Monday that the company plans to tap into Hong Kong’s “natively entrepreneurial” culture and help incubate startups in partnership with a local university. Hong Kong — which is home to a number of multi-billion dollar property-led conglomerates founded by bootstrapping immigrants from mainland China — has “excellent connectivity [and is] an excellent place to do … Read More »

Growing Hong Kong’s Programmer Base

Gregory Gopman speaks with an attendee post presentation. Gregory Gopman is the Co-Founder and CEO of AngelHack and Co-Founder of Hackathon.io, and tonight he’s presenting to a packed house here in Hong Kong hosted by the SME Creativity Center. Three weeks from now Gopman will be hosting a hackathon in Hong Kong where techies will gather to code for a … Read More »

Hong Kong’s Startup Office Spaces

Wynd co-Founders Michael Ma and Rick Lam In the space of 2 to 3 years, Hong Kong has become a hotbed of startup activity. But startups need a place to live and grow, and Hong Kong’s astronomical real estate prices don’t provide the most conducive habitat for cash-strapped entrepreneurs. Enter the co-work space and/or virtual office. The co-workspace and virtual … Read More »