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Wooden toy teaches preschoolers to code, before they can read and write

Add / Remove For the majority of consumers, being able to use an app is akin to knowing how to speak a language but not read and write, as many are ‘code-illiterate’ when it comes to computer programming. Today, consumers can barely remember how they got anything done before smartphones, and yet the majority have no idea how the code … Read More »

China creates giant vending machine dispensing electric cars for rent

Add / Remove Vending machines are incredibly versatile things, and in the past Springwise has seen it’s fair share of odd adaptations — from underwear-dispensing devices to machines rigged to offer free beer. Never one to be outdone, China’s Kandi Technologies has developed a gigantic version stocked with cars, delivered on-demand as part of an electric vehicle sharing program. Located … Read More »

Trousers double as a drumkit

Add / Remove The days of lugging around heavy musical instruments from gig to gig could soon be over. Regular readers of Springwise may remember the MJ v1.0, the jacket that enables wearers to create music through gesture control, and now we’ve come across DrumPants, which utilize sensors worn underneath trousers to enable users to create electronic beats by simply … Read More »

Sensor kit tracks any aspects of users’ lives and displays them as a storybook

Add / Remove The rise of the quantified self movement and personal fitness trackers have shown that tools for analyzing life data aren’t just for scientists and oddballs, and we’ve seena few emotion-tracking apps aimed at consumers in the past. France’s Sense Mother is now hoping to help consumers choose the metrics they want to track through a range of … Read More »

App uses Instagram to determine the vibe of city venues

Add / Remove Instagram may be a great tool for sharing personal photos, but the data in those images can actually provide insight into what’s going on at any point in the world at any time. We’ve already seen Sweden’s Arlanda Airport harness the platform for its Local’s Guide app, and now a new app called Jetpac is using Instagram … Read More »

Toy-shaped games controllers connect virtual characters

Add / Remove Devices such as the Nintendo Wii and Leap Motion‘s gesture control for notebooks have demonstrated that there is a whole world beyond the standard controllers for games consoles and computers. Aiming to engage young gamers with the world of physical objects, ZowPow is a new startup that uses plush toys to control corresponding virtual characters in a … Read More »

Mobile-only magazine offers writers unique payment model

Add / Remove The tough economy of the media industry is resulting in record layoffs of journalists and increased reliance on snappy and populist content to retain the attention of today’s mobile web surfers. We recently saw how startups such as Uncoverage are using new business models to keep longform investigative journalism alive, and now Offline magazine for iOS offers … Read More »

Stick-mounted sensor helps ice hockey players up their game

Add / Remove Many sports, from tennis to soccer, have already got their own smart devices that give athletes more data on their performance and skills development. It’s no wonder then that a Canadian startup is now bringing the same tech to the country’s national sport — ice hockey — with the FWD Powershot device, a stick-mounted sensor that provides … Read More »

Tees help wearers embrace their mental health condition

Add / Remove Most people with mental health issues prefer to keep quiet about their conditions, but this silence can impede others’ understanding and contribute to misconceptions about what they entail. Aiming to empower sufferers of mental disorders, Living With: is a series of charitable t-shirts featuring designs that represent the wearer’s condition. The shirts currently come with four different … Read More »

Interactive comic lets readers call the shots

Add / Remove The interactivity of digital platforms is bringing new dimensions to existing artforms — for example, we’ve recently seen how Switzerland’s IDNA — Spatial Storytelling project has brought dynamism to film by enabling viewers to control the camera focus in order to determine the plot. Now a new digital comic strip called FRAMED is ploughing similar ground, allowing … Read More »