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Supermarket for poor families offers surplus branded goods at cut prices

Add / Remove There are many items that are produced, but don’t make it onto the shelves of supermarkets due to superficial damage, not meeting aesthetic standards or falling past their sell by dates. We’ve already seen The Daily Table restaurant create cheap meals from expired, but still edible food, and now the UK has introduced its first Community Shop, … Read More »

Social music box judges party crowd and vibe, then selects the perfect tracks

Add / Remove Japan’s emotion-detecting Mico headphones can already select the best music to suit individual users’ moods, but that task becomes trickier at social events, where crowds with varying music tastes can be difficult to please. Chüne is a smart speaker that curates playlists taking into account those differences, as well as the vibe of the occasion. The product … Read More »

Café charges customers more if they’re rude

Add / Remove When pricing models are adjusted depending on the customer, the results can understandably be controversial for those who believe every customer is equal — take Samoa Air for example, which implemented a risky system that charged passengers according to their weight earlier this year. Now La Petite Syrah Café in France has introduced a tiered payment system … Read More »

Smartphone-controlled lifter will keep garages tidy

Add / Remove This is part of a new series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. Retrieving items from the garage can sometimes be a major task, especially when objects are stacked on top of each other. … Read More »

App enables users to deliver items through traveling friends

Add / Remove Social networks are useful for helping users stay up-to-date with what their friends are doing, however they can also be harnessed for greater purposes. Friendshippr is an app that keeps track of contacts’ travel plans to allow users to ‘crowdship’ goods through them. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app first enables users to enter … Read More »

Google alternative helps rainforest regeneration through ad clicks

Add / Remove Consumers now spend a large proportion of both their work and leisure time browsing and searching the internet, and we’ve already seen initiatives like Ark help turn that activity into funding for charities and social causes. Hoping to win a slice of the search engine market, Germany-based Ecosia is now offering an alternative to Google and Bing, … Read More »

3D-printing medical supplies on-demand in Haiti

Add / Remove Natural disasters can hit countries hard, and Haiti — which experienced a massive earthquake three years ago — is no exception, and that’s to say nothing of the poverty that pervades the country’s society. Vital community resources are often low, or missing altogether, especially when it comes to healthcare. Now a new project called iLab Haiti is … Read More »

Site lets news readers fund writers and investigations

Add / Remove The news industry is in dire need of a new business model in the wake of social media and citizen journalism putting talented writers out of a job, and one solution we’ve seen growing in popularity is crowdfunded pitches. Taking this onboard, Uncoverage is a comprehensive new platform that enables readers to regularly support the journalists they … Read More »

Wearable tech helps athletes perfect their swing

Add / Remove The concept of wearable tech is becoming a reality in more and more varying ways, and it’s gaining significant traction in sports — take for example the Vibrado smart sleeve for basketball players, recently covered on these pages. Now the Zepp range of sensors is helping golf, baseball and tennis players to improve their swing with real-time … Read More »