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Superfruit drinks for fliers tackle jetlag and DVT

Add / Remove Airline food is a common target for criticism by consumers as it often doesn’t match the quality they’re used to back on the ground. However, good food can actually be vital for helping them stay healthy while on board, where the atmosphere is stuffy, stress levels are high and there’s not much room to stretch. Netherlands-based FlyFit … Read More »

AI resurrector lets people Skype their dead relatives

Add / Remove The death of a loved one is an irreparable loss, but tokens of the departed can help grievers to remember what it was like when they were alive and appreciate their existence. While projects such as DNA Memorial enable future generations to learn more about their passed relatives’ genetic makeup, a new startup called Eterni.me is going … Read More »

Samsung is getting smartphones to cure cancer while owners sleep

Add / Remove Considering how useful smartphones are, there’s still plenty of untapped potential. Locket has already gone some way to earn smartphone owners cash by turning their lock screens into ad space, and now a new app called Power Sleep harnesses the computational power of the devices to crunch data at a time when they’re otherwise not in use. … Read More »

3-storey tricycle is a roving kitchen, restaurant and bar

Add / Remove Food trucks have been a common sight in cities since the 19th century, but the rising rates of traffic congestion mean that they’re not very efficient at remaining on the move if the market demands it. In the past we’ve seen Velopresso deliver eco, pedal-powered coffee to the streets of London, and now Vietnamese bar Ta đi … Read More »

Bitcoin alternative promises to boost global solar energy

Add / Remove Digital currencies have become a more promising proposition thanks to the tentative success of Bitcoin, which has even inspired the semi-serious efforts of both dogecoin and Coinye in recent months. Now SolarCoin is hoping to provide another option that is backed by the production of solar energy. Much like Bitcoin, SolarCoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ that is in … Read More »

Smart band for teens lets them game, check tweets and express their personality

Add / Remove While existing smartwatches might let anyone push their smartphone notifications to their wrist, that’s perhaps not enough of a pull to sway the teen market. Offering a plethora of functionality and customization, the NEX band is a modular bracelet designed to let young users send secret messages, unlock game levels and personalize their look. Each band is … Read More »

App uses daily quizzes to quantify users’ existence

Add / Remove There have been a number of wearable sensors and quantified self apps that help determine users’ fitness progress or emotional health, but fail to log more mundane activities. Aiming to deliver cold, hard facts about users’ everyday habits, Reporter lets users set themselves mini surveys to glean data about the small or big moments in their lives, … Read More »

MakerBot’s kids’ book teaches them about 3D printing

Add / Remove We featured Brooklyn-based MakerBot on these pages back in 2010 thanks to its efforts to bring 3D printing to the masses with its initial range of build-your-own desktop machines. Now the project has created LEO the Maker Prince, a children’s storybook that helps them learn about 3D printing and then download files to bring the characters to … Read More »

Floating hydroponic unit enables coastal veg farming

Add / Remove Rapid growth of the world’s population has made food security much more of a serious issue in recent years, prompting food producers to look beyond the traditional model of land-based agriculture. While urban farming has in the past seen locations such as city rooftops harnessed for growing plants, now SEALEAF is a device that could help coastal … Read More »

Wall-mounted panel enables and organizes guests’ home wifi use

Add / Remove This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. Getting a visitor onto the home’s wifi network usually involves reciting long strings of letters and numbers, and even then there often … Read More »