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Top Ten Innovation Report for April

Add / Remove In the Top Ten Innovation Report, we present a digestible run down of the best innovations from the last four weeks. Published monthly these reports are a quick and pain free way to stay up to date on the latest innovations, and are included as a part of a Springwise Access account. *Note that to read some … Read More »

Navigation app plans routes according to interests

Add / Remove Originally, navigation apps were used to help get people from A to B the quickest way possible. But we have seen an app that helps nocturnal walkers find the most well-lit route and one that enables visitors to choose the most beautiful path. Now, Sidekix combines many of the features from previous navigation apps and enables the … Read More »

Disaster drones crowdsource a search and rescue team

Add / Remove Drones are rapidly moving into the field of human rescue, and we have already seen new developments aiming to make quadcopters more effective at mountain rescues, and extra large carrier drones developed to evacuate the wounded from dangerous combat zones. Now aeroSee is looking to improve the speed at which aid is brought to survivors in disaster zones … Read More »

Restaurant-style soup kitchen serves patrons with dignity

Add / Remove For those who have fallen on hard times, visiting food banks and soup kitchens can be an embarrassing necessity, and the experience can have a horrendous effect on people’s self-worth. Now, a soup kitchen in Kansas is attempting to combat this by rethinking the way it operates. At Kansas City Community Kitchen, instead of waiting in line … Read More »

Free email digest will clear inboxes of spam

Add / Remove Most people’s inboxes are full of unopened emails they didn’t subscribe to and have no interest in. This can cause email fatigue, which in turn makes customers less receptive to newsletters and offers from companies they actually want to hear from. Offering a solution is Throttle from Mindsense — a browser plugin that enables users to generate … Read More »

Full genome sequencing for USD 1000 via an app

Add / Remove Many diseases can be more effectively treated or managed if diagnosed early. Genome sequencing can often help patients catch conditions earlier and DNA companies such as deCODEme and 23andme have enabled consumers to access some of this information, but now myGenome from Veritas Genetics can reveal entire genome sequences via a smartphone app for under USD 1000. … Read More »

Now windows have entered the Internet of Things

Add / Remove Window glare is something that have been solved for decades with simple blinds, but now a glass company is making windows smarter and more energy efficient, bringing in auto-tinting that can be controlled by a mobile phone. View’s Dynamic Glass offers connected windows that can be programmed to darken or brighten depending on outdoor conditions, and prevent … Read More »

Food protector extends the life of fresh fruit and vegetables

Add / Remove The food industry still causes vast amounts of waste, and a lot of waste happens in homes. Much of the food consumers buy end up being thrown out after it goes bad, and organic fruits and vegetables often don’t stay fresh for long due to a lack of preservatives. But a new Israel and China-based startup hopes … Read More »

Game feedback platform uses machine learning to filter reviews

Add / Remove Sifting through reviews to find out how to improve the video games they are building can be a tedious task for developers, but a new program for aggregating game feedback could help. Player XP is a review and analysis platform for mobile gaming. The aggregator uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze the reviews. It … Read More »

Smartphone-powered 3D printer for USD 99

Add / Remove Over the last few years, 3D printing has grown from a futuristic manufacturing technique with great potential to an affordable design solution. Now, the OLO 3D smartphone printer is about to make it even more accessible. The portable, multi-material device is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has already raised over USD 1.5m. OLO 3D is a USD … Read More »