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Broswer extension automates academic citations of online material

Add / Remove Plagiarism is a major concern for colleges today, meaning when it comes to writing a thesis or essay, college students can often spend an inordinate amount of time ensuring their bibliographies are up to scratch, to the detriment of the quality of the actual writing. In the past, services such as ReadCube have made it easier to … Read More »

Social fashion app crowdsources clothing ID and recommendations

Add / Remove Finding out information about a stylish garment found in a photo or spotted on the street can sometimes be a pain, and while visual search — as used by apps like Snap Fashion — is getting better, it’s not always accurate. ASAP54 is an app that taps both the masses and fashion experts for clothing identification and … Read More »

Reflective bike uses cat’s eyes technology to save lives

Add / Remove This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. Cycling in the city can be a dangerous business, regardless of the experience levels of the rider. We recently wrote about Fly6, … Read More »

Springwise Updates

Add / Remove It’s always exciting to hear about the progress made by businesses that we’ve previously featured. Here are some updates from founders who have all got in touch to share their latest news: My Plus One Previously known as Plus One Berlin, My Plus One has expanded its network of local resident helpers that offer tourists a more … Read More »

Service prints SMS histories onto miniature scrolls

Add / Remove Almost everything we do or say on our mobile and tablet devices is recorded and archived, comprising a huge database of moments in our lives. While futuristic services such as Eterni.me intend to use them to help recreate loved ones after they’ve died, Tx.to is a startup that lets anyone print their favorite text message conversations onto … Read More »

App turns small change into an investment portfolio

Add / Remove Investing money in the right places isn’t easy if you don’t have the know-how, and especially if you don’t have the money in the first place. However, even a small amount of cash can be placed into shares, and Acorns is a new app that rounds up users’ purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically invests the … Read More »

Energy marketplace lets customers choose their green power source

Add / Remove Energy prices are rising thanks to the scarcity of non-renewable resources, and this is prompting consumers to look more favorably on alternative solutions not currently offered by major utilities firms, such as Germany-based AOTERRA‘s solution which places energy-intensive cloud servers into customers’ homes and harnesses the excess heat to warm the properties. Another company now hoping to … Read More »

iPad-integrated kitchen scale could turn an amateur into a pro chef

Add / Remove Consumers are already using their tablets and mobile devices in the kitchen in place of their battered old cook books, so it’s not too much of a leap to imagine appliances that can sync with them to make cooking a bit easier. In the past, we’ve seen the Prep Pad measure the nutritional content of the items … Read More »

Freaky Accidents

Add / Remove This post is sponsored by Aflac. When it comes to accidents, American workers have a sense of invincibility. But accidents happen all the time, and no one can predict when or whom they’ll strike. Whether it’s the NASCAR driver who broke his foot playing Frisbee or the pitcher who missed a game because he strained his wrist … Read More »