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Marketplace for properties with existing, reliable tenants

Add / Remove Buying property to let can be a lucrative investment, but the hassle of finding and securing reliable tenants can often put people off. Now, based in Oakland, California, Roofstock is a marketplace for already-rented homes. The business recently raised USD 13m in funding and is about to launch in central Florida. Roofstock is an online marketplace that … Read More »

Bacteria could generate sustainable light for smart cities

Add / Remove As culturing bacteria becomes more accessible, we’re seeing more technologies use their unique characteristics to create devices such as temperature-adaptive clothing and bacteria-powered robots. Glowee, a Parisian startup, believes bacteria could also provide an alternative to electric lights. Glowee cultures the bacteria that give squid their bioluminescence — the ability to glow in the dark. These bacterial … Read More »

Inner-ear stimulation cures VR motion sickness

Add / Remove Having covered how a tilting seat can be used to reduce nausea while VR gaming, we bring news that vMocion have developed a system that makes the user feel like they are actually experiencing motion. Motion sickness occurs because of a disconnect between what the eyes see and what the inner ear perceives. vMocion’s 3V platform overcomes … Read More »

Database of local activities for children

Add / Remove Nearly 3 percent of American children are homeschooled. While this can provide an enriching education, it often means that kids miss out on group activities or school trips, which they might otherwise get to experience. San Francisco-based company Outschool is helping to change this, by offering dozens of workshops and activities for children to enjoy in groups. … Read More »

Platform enables architects to rapidly catch marginal errors

Add / Remove With large-scale construction projects, any slight deviation from design during the building process can have significant consequences downstream. SKUR have developed software that enables users to rapidly detect any variance between design and build. Users take a laser scan of the material (usually LiDAR scans), which provides what’s known as a ‘point cloud’ — a large and … Read More »

Wise Words with Peter Knudsen

Add / Remove Regular readers will know that we have written about BLIP Systems’ Bluetooth and wifi-enabled beacon technology and its many applications. First, it was an airport sensor system that tracks mobile phones to provide accurate queue times. Then, we saw the tech being used in Christmas markets to monitor shopper behavior and optimize retail operations. Lastly, the device … Read More »

Social app for refugees and locals translates in real-time

Add / Remove Europe is in the middle of a major refugee crisis, with more than one million migrants arriving in 2015 alone. Now, developers in Stockholm are coming up with new ways for arrivals to integrate into their new homes. Welcome! is an app based in Sweden, a country that has operated a broadly open policy to immigration in recent … Read More »

Floating barriers enable ocean to clean itself

Add / Remove The sheer scope of pollution in our oceans is going to require an enormous effort to clean up. We have recently seen projects such as a denim line and even a plastic-eating microorganism that can help, but Ocean Cleanup is organizing the largest cleanup in history using floating barriers, which will enable ocean currents to passively gather … Read More »

Smart shopping bag could eliminate queuing

Add / Remove Self-scan checkout machines have sped up the consumer experience at many supermarkets. But now, two companies — Twyst and QueueHop — are going even further and eliminating the checkout line altogether. With the help of smart shopping bags and QR codes that use RFID technology, shoppers can scan and pay for their items as they shop without … Read More »

Investment platform funds renewables in South America

Add / Remove Countries in the developing world are investing heavily in new renewable energy projects, with initiatives such as these microgrids in Kenya set to power more growing economies. South America has seen strong growth in its renewable energy sector, and an online platform could help to spur this growth. Caaapital is an online platform for renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure … Read More »