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Site lets consumers buy any product featured in print magazines

Add / Remove Over recent years, we’ve seen a number of mobile apps that help users identify fashions from a number of different sources so they can buy them, such as ASAP54, Keep and Snap Fashion. Now a new France-based site called Selectionnist is doing the same for print media, enabling magazine readers to shop any product found inside a … Read More »

Device is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and smart TV in one

Add / Remove Owning a number of different devices can often mean having to regularly transfer data between them to keep them synced, or storing private information in the cloud. Offering a truly connected alternative, Seed is a set of mobile and computer products that use the processing power and data of a single docked smartphone. Designed by South Africa-based … Read More »

For USD 231,000, design your own hotel room made of ice

Add / Remove Many holidaymakers are keen to find ways they can make their trip unique, and getting to decide what goes into a hotel room is one way to do just that. While UK-based Whitbread has already used its smart tech-enabled hub spaces to lend a measure of personalization to its hotel rooms, Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is going one further, … Read More »

Fine wine goes casual with single-serve pouches

Add / Remove The market for a product is not necessarily a fixed thing, and we’ve even seen beer redesigned as a fitness drink in recent months. For those who find fine wine too snobby, two US companies are now repackaging premium wine in convenient juice-style pouches to make it more accessible for busy consumers. California-based Nuvino has introduced a … Read More »

This edible water blob could replace plastic bottles

Add / Remove Plastic water bottles have long been recognized as a big problem for the environment, so much so that San Francisco recently banned the sale of bottled water on city property. But a new invention from a group of UK students could offer a solution. Ooho! is a spherical membrane for carrying water, which can be eaten when … Read More »

In Chile, sports goods are paid for with exercise

Add / Remove Getting consumers to exercise is much easier when there’s an incentive, and especially if it’s a financial one. Chile-based dairy brand Colun Light has taken this on board with its Así da gusto pagar campaign, which saw customers at its pop-up sportswear shop pay with exercise, rather than money. Passersby entering the store were able to browse … Read More »

Scan a printed article’s headline, instantly get the digital version

Add / Remove Every article that appears in a major magazine today comes in two forms — its printed version and its online counterpart, but they’re both often left unlinked. Peekster is a new app that enables readers to scan the headline of a print article in order to quickly bring up the digital version on their phone, for sharing … Read More »

Modular, floating home can be built on land or water

Add / Remove Buying a new home typically requires some research of the local area in order to understand where buyers will be living for the good few years to come, as well as whether the property is the right size for them. However, Czech architects have now created PORT X, a houseboat that can be customized with extra modules … Read More »

Free lecture series replaces inane bar conversations with stimulating talks

Add / Remove The web has made higher education-level learning more accessible, and even free, through programs such as MIT and Harvard’s EdX and the nonprofit Khan Academy, but it’s actually inspiring adults to want to learn new skills and knowledge that can be difficult. New York’s Raising The Bar is an event placing 50 lectures in 50 bars across … Read More »

In Austria, council uses app to crowdsource community issues

Add / Remove Civic authorities can’t be everywhere at once and often rely on citizens to inform them of the improvements that need making. The NYPD already launched its own crowdsourcing crime reports app, and now the Bürgerforum Vorarlberg mobile app is enabling citizens to flag community issues that need addressing by sending photos and text direct to the council. … Read More »