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This ultra-thin insole can tell doctors what’s wrong with your foot

Add / Remove Sports injuries come in all shapes and sizes, and even when it’s clear where the pain is, it’s much more difficult to determine the cause. While innovations such as the Sensoria smart sock have already been able to detect bad running habits, the new OpenGo science is an insole that fits discreetly into athletes’ shoes and delivers … Read More »

Blendle is an iTunes for newspaper articles

Add / Remove Digital publications are still trying to find their feet when it comes to creating a financially successful business model, and in recent times we’ve seen both Offline and Uncoverage try out monthly longform pieces and crowdfunding models respectively. From the Netherlands, Blendle now wants to create a single subscription platform for the country’s multiple newspapers, with users … Read More »

Open-source educational quizzes aim to teach without the teacher

Add / Remove The web has now become a great tool for learning — whether through Wikipedia or YouTube tutorials — but these channels sometimes lack the kind of interactivity of the physical classroom, where teachers can offer encouragement or help children work their way through a math calculation they’re stuck on. Aiming to replicate this, Oppia is a new … Read More »

Wifi-connected A/C unit is controlled via smartphone

Add / Remove We’ve already seen smart heating systems such as the Nest thermostat, that can help homeowners cut their heating bills through smart settings and enabling users to control it remotely. For the summer months, Aros is an air conditioning unit that offers automated control as well as allowing users to monitor their usage. The device, which was developed … Read More »

Alarm clock app wakes up skiers early if there’s fresh snowfall

Add / Remove The weather can often have a big impact on whether alarm clocks are effective at getting us out of bed — if it’s raining outside maybe it would be better to hit the snooze button. While in the past we’ve seen UNIQLO launch its Wake Up app, which prompts users with musical alerts tailored to the weather, … Read More »

Stylish scarf could stop you getting a flu

Add / Remove For those in the Northern Hemisphere, flu season is still in full swing and it’s still a common sight to see some city dwellers donning surgical masks to protect them from bugs. While those masks might be effective, many consumers find them unappealing. Enter Scough, a designer scarf that looks stylish while also using antimicrobial technology to … Read More »

Life-size Lego-style blocks let kids create their own bedroom furniture

Add / Remove This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. As most homeowners know, putting together flatpack furniture is never as easy as it should be, which is why innovators are always … Read More »

Site gets travel experts bidding to deliver package holidays for tourists

Add / Remove The internet is a great tool for researching the many different holiday options available to travelers, but it can be easy to spend hours trawling different sites and not get any closer to booking. We’ve recently seen a number of apps that do the legwork for holiday planning, such as Hitlist — which offers up destination ideas … Read More »

USPS food delivery from farm to table in 2 days

Add / Remove Services such as Instacart are already enabling consumers to have supermarket food arrive at their door in under and hour using TaskRabbit-style crowdsourced helpers, a new company called FreshRealm is hoping to cut out the middle man altogether, using the United States Postal Service to deliver food straight from producers to consumers. The company has already been … Read More »