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Second screen app makes TV marathons social

Add / Remove The advent of on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix has freed the viewer from the constraints of scheduling, but it has also resulted in a loss of a sense of community that comes from an entire nation watching the series finale of The Sopranos at the same time. Now, Bingee is a smartphone app that wants to … Read More »

Curated care packages for friends in need

Add / Remove In the modern age, it is incredibly easy to instantaneously send a friend in need an email, text or funny gif to cheer them up. But nothing quite compares to a real care package, received through the post. Pick Me Up Parcels and Positivity Pack are two startups offering just that. Both companies enable thoughtful friends to … Read More »

Open platform for downloadable electronics parts

Add / Remove Once upon a time designers had to spend hours working on computer aided design chips and circuit boards before they were able to create a new product. But now, an online platform is opening up electronics design with a downloadable library of components. SnapEDA is a library for all kinds of microchips, circuit boards and schematics for … Read More »

Fitness trackers and scales for the mobility-impaired

Add / Remove Fitness trackers have proved to be an effective addition to weight loss programs, but they currently do not work for people who are wheelchair-bound because of obesity or other disabilities. This means that a vital part of the population who could benefit from the technology are going without. Now, researchers at The University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering … Read More »

Interactive map links to destination videos for visitors

Add / Remove There is only so much you can tell about a place from the description in a guide book. We have already seen a Turkish startup offer potential visitors remote smartphone tours from locals, and now TripGlimpse is also enabling tourists to preview their destination via an interactive map and curated video footage. TripGlimpse is an online platform … Read More »

Open source robot helps automate lab work

Add / Remove Automated technology that can help complete complicated and delicate tasks is already seeing developments in the medical field, with the first full-scale surgeries using an autonomous miniature robot taking place this year. Now, a new robot could make everyday laboratory tasks a little less laborious. OT.One, a micropipette robot from Opentrons, is helping to automate lab work. The … Read More »

Global record label for street musicians

Add / Remove There are a huge array of talented street musicians around the world, and we have seen a couple of projects such as a Paypal method and a Bitcoin portal for buskers, which make it easier for passersby to support them through online donations. Now, Sound of Change is a record label for street musicians, which aims to … Read More »

Site for making regular donations to climate change campaigns

Add / Remove Promoting and fundraising for good causes online can be an effective way to raise awareness and money quickly, but worthy projects can easily get lost on big crowdfunding websites. And while one time donations are welcome, getting support over time can be difficult. That’s why Cool Effect, a crowdfunding website focused on climate change, is helping individuals … Read More »

Offline app teaches passengers about the places they are flying over

Add / Remove Long flights can often seem impossible to fill, regardless of the huge array of entertainment now provided by most airlines. Now, Flyover Country is taking another tact — encouraging passengers to think about the world they are flying over rather than distracting them from it. The offline app was created by the University of Minnesota with funding … Read More »

Smart speaker reads emotions to play music

Add / Remove We have already seen headphones that stimulate nerves to let users feel their music. Now, a new speaker system is claiming to use human moods to learn what tunes users want to listen to. Moodbox uses its artificial intelligence system to work out what music users most want to listen to. Users interact with the Moodbox by … Read More »