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In Japan, store sells secondhand booze

Add / Remove Passing on used goods is a time honored way to ensure that resources don’t get wasted, and Japan has plenty of secondhand stores. There’s even one in Tokyo called Pass The Baton, which attaches the story of the previous owner to each item. While such stores don’t typically accept food and drink items, LiquorOFF is now taking … Read More »

P2P car insurance pools claimants’ cash to reduce premiums

Add / Remove Customers of typical insurance companies pay a premium that’s generally determined by the average risk attached to the behavior of people they’ve never met. A new startup from the UK — Guevara — could now help responsible drivers to cut the cost of their car insurance through peer-to-peer group payments with people they trust. Guevara customers have … Read More »

Tailored recipe service aims to get families around the dinner table

Add / Remove Ensuring the entire family gets fed every day of the week can be a difficult and thankless task. We’ve already seen services such as Brazil’s Gulala, which prepares and dispatches all of the ingredients for a meal the day beforehand. Now Seattle’s gatheredtable is working with families to customize their weekly meal plans and better optimize the … Read More »

From Germany, legal ID verifications through the web

Add / Remove Confirming the status of legal documentation is typically done through physical checks in person to ensure security. However, we have already seen companies like NetVerify tackle online verifications, and now Germany’s IDnow is able to perform all the necessary tests to legally identify online customers. According to the company, its process takes only 3 minutes and can … Read More »

Hellmann’s delivers cooking lessons on demand via WhatsApp

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise will know that the Brazilian arm of Hellmann’s mayonnaise is determined to find new ways to engage its customer base, whether it’s through NFC-enabled touchscreen shopping carts that deliver meal suggestions as customers walk through the store, or printing recipes on the back of receipts, tailored their shopping bill. Now it’s returned with … Read More »

In Japan, store lets customers wear clothes for a day before paying

Add / Remove Buying new clothes online is always a hit and miss affair when it comes to sizing or fit, but even trying items on in a high street store sometimes isn’t long enough either. To ensure customers’ clothes are definitely right for them, Japan’s Fast Retailing Co has opened a store with its GU Fitting service, which enables … Read More »

Browser plugin lets you listen to any YouTube video in your language

Add / Remove Hollywood movies and foreign films are considered to be two different artforms — one is for the masses and the other is for the preserve of aesthetes. However, the schism is still largely a result of limited language options for films. While MyLINGO has made an effort to introduce dubbed translations into the cinema through viewers’ own … Read More »

Breathing monitor helps users track their state of mind

Add / Remove Stress is typically thought of as having negative health consequences, but it can be difficult to know when or why we become stressed. While tools such as the handheld PIP sensor have previously aimed to let users know when they should relax, Spire is a wearable device that continuously tracks users’ respiration and other metrics, letting them … Read More »

Uber for families provides lifts home from school when parents are busy

Add / Remove Home time can be stressful for kids, parents and schools if there’s no-one to pick students up at the end of the day. While platforms such as 3Fifteen have aimed to improve communication between everyone involved in home time pickups, Shuddle is a service offering safe rides home for kids whose parents aren’t available for the school … Read More »