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Platform lets homeowners donate energy to those who need it

Add / Remove For the new breed of homeowners that use solar and wind technologies to generate their own energy, one bonus is that any energy that isn’t needed to power their home can be sold back to the grid. However, in every community there are those who can’t afford to heat their home in the winter, or even turn … Read More »

USB stick makes any computer anonymous and secure

Add / Remove It has been suggested that privacy no longer exists. Everything we do on the web is tracked, whether intentionally or not, and more and more consumers are becoming wary of companies and governments collecting their data. We’ve previously seen innovators in Japan create privacy-protecting glasses that can confuse facial recognition programs. But for everyday internet usage, ICLOAK … Read More »

In Spain, CaixaBank launches its own contactless payment wristbands

Add / Remove Wearable technology has already made great waves in the fitness sector, and it could now take over the payments industry. With the recent introduction of Apple Pay, we’re already seeing the replacement of the traditional wallet becoming mainstream. In Spain, CaxiaBank has now developed its own contactless wristbands for customers who want to pay with a simple … Read More »

On-demand home decor, at a flat rate

Add / Remove DIY can be a rewarding task when it goes right, but a stressful and expensive one when it doesn’t. While simple innovations such as the iPatch have helped homeowners decide on a paint color without ruining their walls, the actual task of decorating can still go wrong. Paintzen is a service that lets homeowners outsource decorating jobs … Read More »

Project 3D prints photographs to keep memories alive for the blind

Add / Remove The world is becoming an increasingly visual one thanks to the advent of computers and touchscreen displays, which are now embedded into our daily lives. For people without vision, their environment is one that needs to be heard and felt, meaning that core aspects of life are becoming closed off. We recently wrote about the Japanese government’s … Read More »

The first Bitcoin wallet for emerging markets

Add / Remove Bitcoin has taken off as an alternative to fiat currencies thanks to a lack of regulation restrictions and its ability to be passed across national borders without being subject to an exchange rate. Gibraltar-based Travelers Box has already enabled tourists to turn their leftover foreign cash into Bitcoin, and now the Philippines’ coins.ph is a mobile Bitcoin … Read More »

Interactive app provides extra content during orchestra performances

Add / Remove Using a phone during an opera or classical music performance has long been considered a huge faux-pas. However, venues such as Rhode Island’s Providence Performing Arts Center have already launched schemes to allow certain sections of the audience to use their devices to livetweet shows. Now the Philadelphia Orchestra has created LiveNote, an app designed to help … Read More »

Small device charges smartphones through daily activity

Add / Remove This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. Springwise has already covered a slew of innovations that are attempting to tackle the problem of smartphone charge — from a subscription … Read More »

Anti-aging skincare products personalized with DNA analysis

Add / Remove Different people see different effects from anti-aging products, because our bodies don’t react to chemicals in the same way. France-based Personal Cell Services has already made moves to individualize skincare by incorporating consumers’ own stem cells into its products. Now the UK’s Geneu has developed U+, a system that uses in-store gene analysis to tailor skincare to … Read More »

Smart conference badge aims to replace business cards and brochures

Add / Remove Conferences overwhelm attendees with information about the latest products and services, but neither buyers nor sellers have the capacity to remember everything they see and everyone they speak to. Hoping to change this, Loopd is a conference lanyard that tracks wearers’ movements, enabling them to review their interactions and access extra content. The Loopd system consists of … Read More »