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Wearable gifs are customizable via app

Add / Remove Working similarly to the e-ink sneaker displays we covered recently, Pins Collective are developing customizable digital wearables. The digital e-ink pins can be attached to users’ clothes, or act as a necklace pendant. Users can create custom designs or moving gifs in the Pins Collective app, which can then be instantly uploaded onto the pin. The low-power … Read More »

Brain-reading system makes music learning dynamic

Add / Remove We’ve seen how NASA has developed neuro-feedback glasses that help users stay focused, and now a team from Tufts University is monitoring brainwaves to facilitate new skill learning. The system, called BACh or Brain Automated Chorales, is developed by PhD student Beste Yuksel. First, it presents novice piano players with short learning tasks for the instrument. Then, … Read More »

Where Are They Now?: Repurpose school bags

Add / Remove With so much focus on switching to renewable energy resources, it can be easy to forget that there are still parts of the world that don’t have any adequate electricity infrastructure at all. At night, entire communities plunge into darkenss unless they fire up dangerous, polluting kerosene lanterns. That’s why we paid particularly close attention to a … Read More »

Former gang members launch guided tours in Panama

Add / Remove Travelers in search of an authentic experience can provide excellent business opportunities for local people in developing economies. We have already seen successful examples such as Backstreet Academy and EatWith. Now, the Fortaleza Tour in Panama City is a walking tour set up by rehabilitated graduates of the Esperanza Social Venture Club — an organization dedicated to … Read More »

Social media platform is tailored especially for brands

Add / Remove Brands are constantly trying to find ways to use social media to reach their target market, but now a new social platform is dedicating itself to showcasing content created by brands. Tagly aims to connect users to branded content they love and to help brands to increase their following online. The platform encourages brands to create content that … Read More »

The world’s first virtual reality cinema has opened in Amsterdam

Add / Remove Virtual reality has been gaining ground in video games and online video in the past few years, and we even saw the world’s first VR theme park set to open in Utah. At the beginning of this month, the world’s first VR Cinema opened in Amsterdam. The idea originated as a pop-up cinema touring cities in the … Read More »

Free tattoos to cover self harm scars

Add / Remove It is estimated that 13 percent of young people between the age of 11 and 16 self-harm. The scars of which can often prove shameful or embarrassing later in life. Now a tattoo apprentice in Brisbane, Australia has offered to cover up self-harm scars with beautiful designs, to enable sufferers to put their past behind them. Whitney … Read More »

Shark-spotting drone could prevent attacks

Add / Remove There were 14 shark attacks last year in New South Wales, Australia, so it is no surprise that the state’s government is keen to find new strategies to protect its citizens. One such strategy is the Little Ripper, a remote controlled drone modeled after a helicopter that can monitor the coastline for sharks and drop a rescue … Read More »

App turns smartphones into seismic monitors

Add / Remove The sheer number of smartphones on the planet make them excellent tools for collecting scientific data. We have already seen citizen scientists use their devices to help crowdsource big data about jellyfish and pollution. Now, MyShake is an Android app from Berkeley University, which enables anyone to contribute to a worldwide seismic network and help reduce the … Read More »

Filmbuff search engine helps users find movies they like

Add / Remove Finding new video content online, or searching for films without knowing the title can still be a challenge, even with the most up-to-date search engines. That’s why Val.ai, a new video search engine from Finnish company Valossa, is using an artificial intelligence-powered tool that can analyze thousands of variables in movies and videos, and give more accurate searches. … Read More »