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Immersive dream adventures for hospitalized children

Add / Remove Many of the children battling cancer at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital have to stay there for months and are unable to go out and see the world. But a recent initiative, organized by Expedia and creative agency 180LA, has enabled some of them to experience the exciting travel adventures of their dreams via an immersive 360 … Read More »

In Thailand, motorcycles are an unlikely mosquito repellent

Add / Remove Mosquito-borne infections affect hundreds of thousands every year, from the outbreak of the Zica virus in Brazil to a surge in cases of Dengue fever in South East Asia. But now a device that can be fitted to the backs of mopeds could provide a new way to repel mosquitos from cities in Thailand. MotoRepellent is a device … Read More »

In Japan, an artificial intelligence has been appointed creative director

Add / Remove Advertising and media are often at the forefront of new technology, and we have already seen augmented reality platforms showing content in the real world and a virtual reality advertising network for brands. Now an artificial intelligence robot, AI-CD β, developed by Japanese advertising and marketing agency McCann Japan, is set to work on providing new creative direction … Read More »

App crowdsources fellow travelers for long journeys

Add / Remove Traveling in towns and cities has been changed beyond recognition by services like Uber, enabling users to sort out a ride at the tap of a button. But now a US startup is looking to transform how users plan and book longer journeys. Skedaddle connects users who have the same travel plans, whether they are going to … Read More »

What your future self can teach you

Add / Remove Visit Merrill Edge’s Face Retirement website, and you’ll be confronted by your future self. The site invites you to take a photo with your webcam and input your age. Then facts about retirement and savings flash on the screen—“46 percent of Americans have saved less than $10,000 for retirement” reads one—while the program digitally “ages” your photo, … Read More »

Platform reduces coding’s carbon footprint

Add / Remove Eco-design has long been implemented in all kinds of technologies and products, making them more efficient and planet-friendly. But data and code, although digital in form, can still be energy intensive. Now a French firm is looking to reduce coding’s carbon footprint. Greenspector is a software solution that performs energy-use analysis to optimize coding for energy efficiency. The company … Read More »

Crowdfunding real estate down payments from the community

Add / Remove A huge part of the population are currently excluded from the property market, due to unaffordable downpayment requirements. Of course, there are those whose family can help them get their first foot on the ladder, but there are very few solutions for the rest. Urban real estate startup Landed hopes to solve this by enabling prospective buyers … Read More »

Wearable microchip uses ultra-thin cables to make design seamless

Add / Remove We have already seen the development of new microchips that enable users to create their own wearables, but now a new product is making it easier for fashion designers to experiment with the technology. The KeKePad, designed by Shanghai-based startup KeKeSmart, uses sewable modules that are designed to be as small as possible, and integrates specially made cables. … Read More »

Platform automates job applicant verification

Add / Remove Traditionally, verifying the past employment of job applicants has been a time-consuming process for HR departments. Verified Resources is a startup that could change this by automating the entire process. To begin, employees create an account and add their employment history. Next, they invite their employers to verify them. Then, when the employee applies for a new … Read More »

Safer taxis via female-only Uber

Add / Remove Uber may have revolutionized the taxi industry, but there have been a number of assaults and rapes by its drivers, and many passengers — women in particular — feel unsafe using the service. Aiming to rectify this is Chariot for Women, the female-only taxi service that is set to launch in Boston next week. Chariot for Women … Read More »