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Get Twitter Poll Votes For Business Traffic

With the advancements in the digital media, professionals these days have launched new features to the social media websites. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have gained huge popularity online. Individuals are using these platforms for having fun with their near and dear ones. Whereas business owners make use of it to attract audience attention. They are always interested in using the … Read More »

Taking a Look at HubShout

HubShout started out in 2008 by offering a multitude of services including SEO, analytics, content marketing, and PPC, as well as other associated solutions for your online business. What’s Good About Hubshout? HubShout have grown over the years into one of the industry’s most well-known online solution providers. They have gained a lot of recognition from reputed customers who are … Read More »

Double Dealing

House of the Day: Two old friends, who are also next-door neighbors, have put their flats on the market together, hoping to entice a buyer who would like the opportunity to combine two units into one big home. Read More »

Ruffles and Retro for Summer

Designers sent poofy dresses with ruffles and ’80s-style geometric designs down the runway at Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer, which kicked off Monday. What wasn’t in vogue: Bright colors and prints. Read More »

Sharpening the Mind With a Sword

What’s Your Workout: Richard Sung, chief executive of gold mining company Sino Prosper, trains in iaido, an ancient Japanese martial art based on the sword techniques of the samurai, to keep his mind sharp. Read More »

How to Be Happy in Hong Kong

Who are the happiest people in Hong Kong? Apparently it’s men over 50 years old, who never studied beyond primary school, live in Wan Chai and make more than 400,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$51,000) a year. Read More »

A Modern Makeover

A couple bought a flat in an old building in Hong Kong’s Happy Valley neighborhood, making it their own with a $257,000 renovation. Among the numerous changes: getting rid of a third bedroom and maid’s room, and adding stone floors. Read More »